Merger and acquisition tide LED industry consolidation upgrade imminent
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According to the financial sector web site reported that the continuation of the integration of heat in 2014, LED lighting industry mergers and acquisitions in 2015 continued to ferment, set off a new round of “ mergers and acquisitions wave ”. Up to now, LED industry mergers and acquisitions case has more than 25 cases, the size of nearly 30 billion yuan. Insiders said that with the withdrawal of a number of small and medium enterprises, in 2015, LED industry concentration will be further improved, with technological advantages and scale effect of leading enterprises will stand out in the industry competition. At the same time, for small and medium enterprises, differentiated development may be able to get more room for survival. “ ”

start another wave of mergers and acquisitions in the first half of this year, LED industry mergers and acquisitions boom, not only horizontal integration, vertical extension, there are ‘ cross-border acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions tide &rsquo. LED industry reshuffle accelerated, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises withdraw from the market, and some have technical advantages and scale effect of large enterprises stand out in the industry competition, industry concentration further improved. ” investment advisor senior researcher He Zaihua told this reporter. As of

years, LED industry has undergone more than 10 mergers and industry resources is increasingly concentrated, LED industry is accelerating the rate of survival of the fittest. For example, in June, the state of science and Technology (300232) acquisition of Dior Lei 40% stake, to achieve 100% holding Redio; LIAN photoelectric (600363) 100 million yuan acquisition and capital Zhejiang Dazhi Control Technology Co. Ltd., will hold a party which controlled 72.37% stake; Alto Electronics (002587) intends to 250 million yuan acquisition QianBaiHui a total of 100% of the Equity Promotion LED lighting business scale. Riyadh (300296 in July, following the acquisition of 162 million Yuan Ming electronic technology Beijing Co., Ltd. 81% stake, with 27 million yuan capital holdings can Shanghai photoelectric technology limited 55% equity. It is worth mentioning that, in early January, Riyadh announced that intends to 890 million yuan acquisition of 100% shares, laford cultural and Jin Lixiang 100% of the shares, through the acquisition of LED will force to the field of culture and media.

the reporter noted that the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, horizontal merger is very intensive, means that the industry has changed from the competition for stock incremental competition. In the case of horizontal merger, listed companies force some advantageous enterprises in the segments of the acquisition, especially in the field of LED display, such as the acquisition of leyard jinlixiang, Chau Ming technology acquisition Lampson technology, photoelectric (300269) acquisition of yishida acquired enterprises, have a large share in the market segment.

in this regard, the industry believes that the same type of business purpose is to reduce the rival LED growth of listed companies, the original market share or market segments for mining, greater market space.

EPISTAR general manager Zhou Mingjun said, now, LED industry chain integration between enterprises and reshuffle acceleration, domestic LED downstream manufacturers began a comprehensive integration of mergers and acquisitions. The LED industry can only go on with constant mergers and acquisitions.

future LED industry continued high growth in

industrial capital into the LED market, mergers and acquisitions and industrial upgrading will further improve the industry concentration, technical superiority and scale effect of leading enterprises in the integration will gradually highlight, LED lighting pattern is quietly changing.

recently, Abby (300389) in the research institutions have made it clear that the LED display industry in recent years, especially in recent years, the industry integration is accelerating, the listed companies have a certain degree of merger and acquisition, the future of the industry will become more focused on competition between several large companies, small and medium enterprises to survive the difficulties the differences of development, or for the market segments may be able to get more living space. He told reporters:

China “ future LED industry will continue to mature, the industry is facing depth adjustment, inter enterprise integration and reshuffle acceleration, domestic LED downstream manufacturers began a comprehensive integration of mergers and acquisitions. ”

however, in his view, the biggest problem in China's LED industry is that there are many LED enterprises, and the market competition is lack of order. The product homogenization is serious and lack of innovation. This

said Riyadh, chairman and general manager Li Jun held in September 10th 20th anniversary Riyadh celebration cum new strategy conference, enterprises in the future should adhere to the strategy of innovation driven development, and focus on business model innovation and Riyadh concept innovation in two aspects. “'s not only to do the LED industry market leader, it is more important to take technological innovation to promote the sustained and healthy development of the entire LED industry. Hope that through ‘ the main business investment acquisition + + PPP mode ’ three strategies to increase innovation and promote the rapid development of the riyadh. ”

he suggested that China, in the face of this trend, the enterprise is to strengthen enterprise innovation ability, cultivating the core competitiveness of products; the two is to focus on market segments, improve product quality; three is to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs.

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