The current LED lighting market, the prices reported by businesses vary far apart, and that their products are much better, as a layman to choose how to use when judging the quality of LED lamps are standard? LED lighting quality mainly depends on several parameters: 1, light, LED lamp can light in 25000 hours before <30%; main factors determining the attenuation is light quality, difference of heat dissipation of high power light source; the original overseas package, suc…
LED miner's lamp is a kind of long life lamp In our cognition, this is generally accepted. LED industrial and mining lamps are designed to replace the traditional industrial and mining lights because of the large amount of energy consumption, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. We know that the LED miner's lamp has a longer service life, but it is not known what factors determine the service life of the LED miner's lamp. Today by Newell lighting as we interpret: co…
For most consumers, in the purchase of goods, first consider the factors of price, will first ask the price, if the price is more than my expectations, will give up to buy; if within their own expectations, will begin to consider other factors, and then decide to buy. This concept of consumption is subconscious. consumers buy LED mining lamp, so will. First of all, do not care about other factors of the product, such as quality, material, technology, etc., the first concern …
With the rapid development of the industrial revolution, the consumption of resources is also increasing, and many resources are non renewable. In order to ensure the normal development of the future, people began to study energy-saving products. LED industrial and mining lights are one of them. The main function of LED industrial and mining lamps is lighting in large occasions or lighting in industrial and mining industries. Is a widely used lamps and lanterns. When but in …
LED explosion-proof lamp LED lamps in the family, is the highest safety requirements, because of its installation on special occasions, the quality requirements are very strict, when the purchase lamps, it is best to choose a good brand reputation businesses, to avoid the temptation of cheap, a big disaster. In the purchase of LED explosion-proof lamp, need to be careful of those factors: first, recognize the relevant standards, from a security perspective, the product shou…
LED Xidingdeng common sense cover Xidingdeng, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, semi-circular pointed oblate Xidingdeng, semi Bian ball Xidingdeng, small rectangle cover xidingdeng. Ceiling lamp is suitable for lighting in living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on. LED ceiling lamps can be directly installed in the ceiling, simple installation, simple style, bright and lively feeling of the space. LED ceiling lamps usually have circular lamp ballast and a ballast, electro…
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