Newell LED Tri-proof Lights today is about the comparison between LED Tri-proof Lights and general lighting! Compared with general lighting, LED tri-proof light has the following advantages:1. LED environmental protection: LED spectrum has no ultraviolet and infrared, low heat and no stroboscopic, no stroboscopic can protect eyesight, and waste can be recycled, no pollution, no harmful elements, can be touched, green lighting source. 2. The life span of LED tri-proof lamp …
The LED tri-proof lamp uses efficient gas discharge as the light source, which can guarantee a service life of more than 10,000 hours, and is very suitable for outdoor large-area and unguarded lighting places. Today, Newell, a manufacturer of LED tri-proof lamps, talks about the benefits of using tri-proof lamps.Because the LED tri-proof lamp adopts light alloy materials and technological spraying technology, the shell is not easy to rust and corrosion. The interior of the la…
Current competition and challenges faced by LED explosion-proof lights:1. The output of LED explosion-proof lights is increasing. The growth rate of the total value of LED lighting products can reach more than 50%. The growth of LED has directly led to the decline of the total value of traditional lighting products.2. The price of LED explosion-proof lighting products continues to decline, and profits are further compressed. In 2013, the ex-factory price of LED bulbs was more…
As we all know, the lamp is an indispensable electrical appliance in our lives, not only can provide us with the function of lighting, high-power lamps can also provide us with heating help. But once the interior of the lamp is invaded by undesirable substances, there will be a safety hazard, so how can we minimize this hazard? Let's take a look at the common LED lamps or energy-saving lamps that we use in our lives. So what are the hidden dangers of common lamps? In fact, t…
What should you pay attention to before installing and using LED explosion-proof lights?1. Before installation, in addition to carefully checking whether the nameplate is consistent with the actual use conditions, you must also carefully check whether the appearance is damaged, whether the parts are missing, etc., if there is any looseness, tighten it;2. Like other explosion-proof electrical appliances, no live work is allowed for installation and maintenance. When connecting…
With the development of society, many people have begun to use LED explosion-proof lights. Do you know why LED explosion-proof lights are popular? Let's take a look together. People's requirements for safety awareness are getting higher and higher, and special explosion-proof lights have been used one after another in areas with potential safety hazards. LED explosion-proof lights are one of them. Therefore, in contrast to traditional metal halide lamps, LED explosion-proof l…
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