At the end of June, the Shenzhen Qianhai Smart Pole will be lit up across the board, taking the lead in achieving 5G deep coverageAbstract: At the end of the month, 132 multi-function smart poles on the first road of Qianwan in Shenzhen will replace the original ordinary street lights and realize full-line lighting. The "Fan Flower"-shaped smart street lamp poles stand on both sides and extend all the way to Qianhai Stone Park, becoming a unique landscape on the &qu…
Shenzhen launches new standards for classroom lighting hygiene and upgrades classroom lighting hygiene environmentAbstract: Classroom lighting is one of the key factors affecting visual health. This year, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau issued the "Guidelines for the Standards of Equipment and Facilities of Shenzhen Compulsory Education School" and "Guidelines for the Standards of Equipment and Facilities of Shenzhen General High Schools", which ag…
Nanjing will invest 100 million yuan to upgrade the lighting of 500 schools in two yearsAbstract: On June 4, the Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau and the Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly held a press conference to announce the release of the country’s first “Code of Practice for the Lighting Acceptance Management of Primary and Middle School Kindergarten Classrooms” in Nanjing, and detailed this domestic innovation Interpretation.On June 4, Nanjing Educat…
Current status and planning of the development of smart poles in BeijingCurrent status and planning of the development of smart poles in BeijingAbstract: Beijing is a national political center and a national science and technology innovation center, accelerating the construction and development of smart light poles, using smart light poles as the hardware foundation, relying on emerging technologies, and relying on data resources to explore a government-led, multi-participati…
Deadline: Purchase code:Information category: Domestic bidding -> Project bidding ->Procurement subject: GovernmentService procurement announcement detailsRegistration end time: 2020-06-10 09:30:00【Solar Street Lighting Project in Qingshan Village, Longxian Town, Wengyuan County】Procurement AnnouncementService Purchase Number: SGZJCS2006050054Openly selected directly for the village committee of Qingshan Village, Longxian Town, Wengyuan County, and selected the co…
Zhuhai Tiejian Wutong Garden Fine Decoration Lighting Tender AnnouncementTender number:Bidding code: CBL_20200608_5716801523396608Bid opening time:BXT category: domestic biddingSource of funds: OtherZhuhai Tiejian Wutong Garden Lamp Bidding Announcement1. Project Overview1. Project name: Decoration project of China Railway Tiejian Wutongyuan Project2. Project location: West side of Huangang East Road, Hongwan, North side of Gangping 1st Road, Zhuhai City2. Bidding instruction…
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