How to judge the quality of LED tube
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The market of LED lamp factory workshop production lot, product quality varies greatly, the price of LED lamp and transparent in such a mess, the same specifications of each factory marked, the price difference between high and low tens of dollars / A, is aware of the great experts, the price difference is not easy to explain to the guest. Take LEDT8, for example, 1.2 meters 18W lamp: the market price to sell 55 yuan / piece, someone put the price to sell 160 yuan / piece, why the price difference is so big? Why the prices are different, is nothing more than the LED tube material and process the difference. Let's explain the instructions from the composition of the LED tube, the three major materials, the ---LED light source, the power source, and the profile.

LED lamp, LED light source: a

(generally used 3528, 2835, 3014, 3020, 5630 as the main light source)

LED lamp

1 light source: good quality and can also be used as a reference, the main chip, chip CREE, Osram, HP (HP), Arias (Nichia) and other brands, the second. Brand Jingyuan (Epistar), three, Tsinghua Tongfang, Guangjia (Huga), Chi Mei ChiMei, new century (GenesisPhotonics), Taigu photoelectric (Tekcore) and so on, but these chips are on the market a lot of smuggled goods, real nanbian. These chips are our light source packaging manufacturers, recognized cost-effective chip, is also the most common. Photoelectric photoelectric baby factory in packaging production headquarters with wafer chip as the main chip provider package etc..

2:LED chip quality judgment: in size chip, such as 7*9mil to 10*23mil size for reference, the larger the size, the relative price of more expensive, the better the quality of the chip level; such as: A file, B file, project, wafer and other products of different grades, the price difference as to several times (A product and project product chip appearance and performance on the specific distinction, insiders also difficult to distinguish, the guest is not to mention how to identify the project; in fact, with the A product in quality has some small defects, but not a serious quality problem. But no matter what level of the chip, through the strict test, we can determine its chip level is what!

sum up: judging chip quality, we must first see is the chip brand? And then confirm the size comparison of chip is consistent or similar, finally confirm the chip level is A product project? B file?? no matter which brand of wafer?, the same grade of chip, the price is actually a small difference, in other words, whether it is three, Jia, Jingyuan, CMO, Taigu, new century chip, as long as it is a grade, chip size, the quality is not what the difference. Quality to confirm the accessories used in the LED package, such as the thickness of the silver coating of the stent, the quality of silica gel, the quality of phosphor, the dispensing process control, etc.... In the chip package, the photo has 5 years of experience, in order to ensure the quality, in all aspects of materials procurement of imported materials, glue with fluorescent powder for ledone, Dow Corning, 1.2MM gold and so on. Judge LED source quality from the parameters, mainly the brightness is high? CRI is much higher? Consistency?

market, LED lamp more factories, the single brightness is 6-7LM, but because they do not have a light source package, light source and lamp purchased cheap to 6 cents to 3528 1 cents a, this price only than LED packaging factory associated with small size chips such as 8*15MIL or 10*16MIL about the project product or B products. 288PCS light source lamp 18W costs only 17 yuan to 28 yuan; 3528 in the grade of the light source, such as chip wafer, Jia, CMO of 8*20 or 9*21MIL, A products, the price is at least 0.15 yuan / single source, the cost of 43 yuan / branch. Light source cost gap is 18 yuan to 26 yuan per tube.

two: a power supply of LED fluorescent lamp is divided into non isolated and isolated two.

1. non isolated constant current power: non isolation is the direct connection between the load end and the input end, so the risk of electric shock is reached when touching the load. The advantages of the non isolated constant current source are simple circuit design and low manufacturing cost. The disadvantage is that the AC power supply will be introduced to the load side, thereby causing the risk of electric shock.

2. isolated constant current power refers to the isolated transformer isolation at the input and output terminals. But both can isolate input and output. The advantage of isolated constant current source is the complex circuit design and the risk of electric shock. The disadvantage is that the power efficiency will be reduced, manufacturing costs are high, the volume is relatively large.

two power price difference is large. Non isolated power supply 13 yuan / month, isolated power supply is 26 yuan /, to the guests to explain the power supply materials, quality, allowing guests to make the most appropriate choice. On the market a lot of non isolated power supply is 6 yuan to 9 yuan / month, 15 yuan to 18 yuan in isolated power supply /, integrated power supply for some factories, directly welded on the aluminum plate, the cost is 2.5 yuan / month, so the power price is 10 yuan a. Three:


is now on the market structure of LED lamp basically is divided into two sections: semi plastic tubes and semi plastic tube.

1, plastic tube: early LED fluorescent lamp adopts all plastic tube, because the main use of non isolated power supply, in order to avoid electric shock problem, so more hope to use all plastic tube. Relative to other profiles, the lamp is relatively poor heat dissipation.

2, also known as semi semi plastic aluminum pipe aluminum tubes: now on the market LED fluorescent lamp basically is the half PC Aluminum Alloy, in the half light of the use of plastic in need not pervious to light and need the half cooling on the use of Aluminum Alloy. Of course, the power is placed inside the aluminum tube, so that the amount of LED heating plus the heating capacity of the power supply is considerable, because the power of this lamp is usually around 20W. The main is to confirm the thickness of aluminum, at least above 1.0MM heat dissipation effect standard, I have confirmed some plant samples, is basically 0.6-0.8MM thickness, and aluminum is the color proof, containing more impurities, this is generally 5 to 7 yuan / sets, quality assurance, is generally 13 yuan / sets. The price is about 5 yuan / set.

four: other

1, fixed end: there are many joint way on the market, with aluminum skin, PC material, aluminum cover of PC material, according to the fixed points of useful glue fixed on both ends of the lamp tube, the lamp is also useful for screws in the two tube. In terms of safety and environmental protection, it is widely used in the form of screws. The transmittance of

2 and PC masks: at present, the transmittance of market transparent masks can reach 88— 95%, and the fog masks, also known as diffusion hoods, have a light transmittance of 70— 86%. If the luminous flux of a mask without a mask is 2000lm, and now with a light transmittance of only 88% of the transparent mask, then its actual luminous flux is only 1760lm of luminous flux. If you give it a transparent mask with a light transmittance of 95%, then its actual luminous flux will be 1900lm and the same transparent mask. Then why is there such a big difference between the two? The answer lies in the material of the mask. At present, the market PC mask materials are ordinary PC material, optical grade PC material. Because of the different manufacturers, the transmittance is quite different. In order to improve the light efficiency, our company PC purchase new imported fire-resistant PC material, not only improved the transmittance, but also improved the flame retardant coefficient, in order to ensure product safety. So by many factories, shopping malls, supermarkets favor customers.


3: substrate: the LED chip is attached to the PCB or Al based electronic circuit board by a certain arrangement, and then fixed on the aluminum alloy radiator. The thermal conductivity of glass fiber PCB is 20w/mk, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 200w/mk. The greater the thermal conductivity, the better the heat transfer and conduction effect. Judge to confirm the quality of aluminum, aluminum has no impurities, on the one hand, the aluminum V-CUT is smooth, cutting aluminum plate, aluminum plate with impurities, cutting of aluminium plate, knife edge cutting is easy to produce aluminum V-CUT is not smooth; thermal conductivity Aluminum Alloy containing many impurities can be reduced greatly, the price of course is also a lot cheaper, under normal circumstances, the price difference is about one in three. To ensure the effect of thermal conductivity, I firmly use the thermal conductivity of 1.5 aluminum substrate. PCB boards and FR4 epoxy boards are inferior manufacturers that will be used in order to reduce costs.

4, life: LED lamp life mainly depends on the light quality, heat power, aluminum and other aspects of the reasonable collocation, after all, in addition to the most basic materials, as well as one of the most basic reference is the light efficiency, light efficiency is high, to some extent, the lamp is done good. The difference

above several related materials in order to cause the factory LED lamp price gap is great, a LEDT8 the same, 1.2 meters of 18W lamp, we understand why the price of 40-55 yuan will have such a big gap? Why LED fluorescent tube price volatility, there is a difference in material. All in all, a penny a piece of goods, expensive may not be good, good will certainly be relatively high prices, what kind of quality determines what kind of price. Choose the most consistent with their own products, you can not blindly seek high priced or high parameter products, the price does not mean everything, the most important thing according to their actual situation to choose products. Low end poor quality products, if the family use (3-5 hours per day lighting), the service life of 1-2 years is no problem; if the factory, shopping malls use (more than 10 hours per day lighting), life expectancy is only six months to 1 years. So you have to choose the quality of the product you want to use.

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