How to purchase a suitable LED miner's lamp?
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Core tip: with the continuous development of lighting technology, LED energy saving, safety, environmental protection, long service life, more and more popular with the masses, today is mainly about LED mining lights.

LED mining lamp is applied to the workshop more, do the traditional light industrial light, large power, large power consumption, high fever, there are security risks, and the use of LED light source lamp lamp, relatively low safety hidden danger, environmental protection and energy saving, energy saving is a major advantage of the LED light source, more convenient for the life of people.

LED mining lamp

so we need to consider the purchase of LED mining lamp:

1, what is the first such LED mining lamp. This mainly depends on the type or light efficiency of the light source used by the miner's lamp;

2, and secondly, the life of the industrial and mining lamps. The electronic components with the speed of light industrial light source and the lamp life;

3, protection grade mining lamp and lamp work environment is bad, therefore, mining lamp must be waterproof and dustproof, good performance, the general level of protection of the mining lamp is IP65 reliable;

4, finally the cooling performance of the mining lamp. The heat dissipation performance of industrial and mining lamps directly affects the service life of LED industrial and mining lamps, the better the heat dissipation performance of industrial and mining lamps, and the longer the life time of industrial and mining lamps. Heat

above about LED mining lamp, is an important factor in.

LED mining lamp is now in the global popularization and application, but there are many manufacturers in the LED mining lamp heat sink has not found a good solution. For a lamp, the most important thing is the heat dissipation. The heat does not carry out, it will affect the service life of the lamp, so for the LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers, solving the problem of heat dissipation is the most critical. With the continuous reform and innovation in technology, LED mining lamp radiator treatment is better, the radiator is the role of absorption heat transmitted by the chip or substrate, and then diverge to the external environment, to ensure the LED chip and the whole lamp in normal temperature. LED industrial and mining lights have been published, it has been recognized by the vast number of consumers. Now

LED mining lamp market began worrying. LED mining lamp belongs to high-tech products, but no LED mining lamp technology experience people began to profit in LED mining lamp market, production started selling substandard LED mining lamp, this is undoubtedly to disrupt the LED mining lamp market. This is not only a risky investment for the LED miner and lamp wholesalers, but also an irresponsible performance for the users. Just imagine, if this batch of inferior LED industrial and mining lights used on the site, it is likely to cause some accidents, so the production of LED industrial and mining lamps each step can not be ignored.

which LED mining lamp is that we can buy it now for

LED mining lamp market, the market price is rising, if the lighting is really worth the price, so even if the mining lamp price is high, consumers will buy. However, if there are a lot of fake and shoddy products on the market is also marked a high price in the market for cosmetic purposes, but consumers can not be seen, not only to deceive the consumer, but also on LED mining lamp market confusion. About LED industrial and mining lamp prices are high, I believe that the relevant departments will be raw materials regulation, I believe LED mining lights market situation will gradually appear bright.

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