Manufacturers secret LED mining lamps, good goods, how to choose?
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The overall lighting and local lighting to buy LED mining lamp is mostly used in factories and commercial lighting, lamp power supply manufacturers how to choose high quality super beautiful lighting to you personally secret:

1, material requirement: good mining lamp is used Aluminum Alloy material super high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and surface spray metal paint, ensure adequate heat dissipation in later use.

2, brightness: brightness according to the different conditions of mining lamps are endowed with higher requirements, the normal use of space and store more power in the 80W lumen in more than 2000, to select the brightness of the lamp according to the size of.

3, thermal performance: LED lamp radiator quality to have great influence on the quality, such as super beautiful lighting lamp is used in thick aluminum Seiko strong convection radiator, the operating mode for vortex cooling, to maximize the protection of the life of the light source

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