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NEW FDB016 50W
Lamp body
The shell is made of national standard aluminum alloy casting, with high purity, fast heat conduction and high explosion-proof performance. The air duct type heat dissipation structure has lower temperature rise, which can prolong the service life of the lamp while ensuring safety. Equipped with a small-angle anti-glare optical lens, high illumination height and long distance. The lamp connection parts are made of stainless steel, the surface is sprayed with polyester powder and special process treatment, with strong self-cleaning power, effectively blocking dust accumulation and strong corrosion resistance.

power supply
Insulation class l, 90-265V wide voltage input, high power factor, harmonics (TCD) less than 10%; and OPP/OVP//SCP/OTP multiple protection and 10KV/6KV/4KV surge protection, optional Equipped with smart dimming power supply, equipped with smart dimming system to realize smart control.

light source
Using first-class brand lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, long life, and a variety of color temperature options.
Model: NEW FDB016 50W
Rated voltage: AC90-240V
Surge: ----
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Power factor: 0.96
Rated power: 50W
Rated luminous flux: 5500lm
Luminous efficiency: 110-130lm/W
LED light source: ----
LED operating voltage: DC30-42V
Color temperature: 2700-6500k
Ra: Ra≥85
Working temperature: -30℃~+45℃
IP: IP65
Life: >50000 hours
Weight: 1.3kg
Light size: ----
Packing size: 28*28*17.5cm

It is widely used in indoor and outdoor environments with humidity, corrosion and dust accumulation. For example, power plants, steel mills, aluminum smelters, heavy industries, equipment manufacturing, warehouses and other lighting places.

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