How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of LED light source
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How to judge the merits of LED mining lamp light source, lighting engineering sacz designers to teach you how to judge the quality of LED mining lamp, tell you what factors affect the quality of LED mining lamp, how to choose when and how to avoid. The following specific analysis of several aspects. According to

1, the power LED from PN junction temperature radiation performance considering

LED mining lamp to obtain high power and luminous efficiency, solve the lighting and heat dissipation shell PN junction temperature of power LED is particularly important. The thermal performance of LED industrial and mining lamps is generally indicated by thermal resistance, shell temperature and junction temperature. According to

2, LED mining lamp, different applications of LED cast light lamps as

consider display with the LED from the optical performance, focus on the intuitive visual effect, so the color temperature and color index nothing special requirements. It is the opposite of white LED lighting in the supermarket, LED mining lamp is very focused on temperature and color index, because it is an important index to create atmosphere and lighting effects, but generally do not have special requirements on the color purity and dominant wavelength. At present, countries are developing new LED industry standards and test methods, LED can also from the luminous flux, luminous intensity, axial beam half intensity angle, spectral bandwidth, radiation flux, luminous efficiency and emission peak wavelength, color temperature and color purity and dominant wavelength, color index and other parameters for evaluation.

3, the semiconductor light emitting diode electrical characteristics of PN junction considering electrical characteristics of

LED from the electrical properties of LED mining lamp light source is unidirectional conductivity, low driving voltage and nonlinear sensitivity to electrostatic characteristics. Different from the traditional light source's electrical characteristics, the main measurement parameters include forward drive current, forward voltage drop, reverse leakage current, reverse breakdown voltage and electrostatic sensitivity.

4, the LED light source on the radiation safety of biological or human consider

because the light source LED mining lamp is a narrow beam, high brightness light emitting element, the radiation may cause harm to the human eye retina, therefore, the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC for different applications of LED mining lamp provides the effective value requirements and test methods the limit of radiation, which is an important factor to judge the quality of the LED mining lamp. Among them, the European Union and the United States to LED radiation safety testing mandatory requirements.

5 LED, the reliability and longevity of

especially LED mining lamp light source as LCD backlight and screen these two indicators is more important. The length of life we estimate for LED does not mean the useful period from the use to the damage, but the duration of the LED when the luminous flux is attenuated to a predetermined percentage of the initial value under the rated power condition. The longer the duration, the longer the life of the LED.

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