LED why are industrial lamps so good?
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LED industrial and mining lamps why so good? Industrial and mining lights according to the light source can be divided into traditional light source, industrial and mining lights (such as sodium lamp, miner's lamp, mercury lamp, miner's lamp, etc.) and LED industrial and mining lights. Compared with the traditional lamp LED lamp has great advantages:

1:LED mining lamp display refers to high RA>80, light color, color purity, without shade, all bands covering the whole visible, and can be combined into any visible light RGB. Life: LED average life of 5000-100000 hours, greatly reducing your maintenance and replacement costs.

2:LED industrial lighting efficiency, more energy saving, the current laboratory maximum luminous efficiency has reached 260lm/w, LED theoretically luminous efficiency per watt of up to 370LM/W, the current market in the production of the highest luminous efficiency has reached 160LM/W.

3: the traditional light source has the shortcoming of high temperature of the lamp, and the temperature of the lamp can reach 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, the lamp temperature is low, more secure.

4: seismic resistance: LED is a solid state light source. Because of its particularity, it can not be compared with other light source products.

5: stability: 100 thousand hours, the light decay is the initial 70%

6: response time: the response time of LED lights for a nanosecond, is all the source in the fastest response time of products.

7: environmental protection: no metal, mercury and other harmful substances to the body.

introduction: high power LED mining lamp, unique design, streamlined, highly representative, modern architecture and lighting combined with clever, highly ornamental value.

applications: workshop, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas station, supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other places of lighting required. The characteristics of

LED mining lamp: using single power LED150W as a light source, using a unique multi chip integrated single light source design, selection of imported high brightness semiconductor chip, it has high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, no heavy shade etc.. The unique design of radiator

, combined with the electric appliance box is a perfect, effective heat conduction and diffusion, thereby reducing the lamp body temperature, ensure the effective life of radiator surface light source and power supply of anodized treatment, compact structure and beautiful. Green environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.

color is good, to show a true color of things, a variety of color options, to meet the different needs of the environment, eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature high or low depression, visual comfort, improve the work efficiency of people

with constant current and constant voltage control, wide voltage to overcome the ballast grid, noise pollution caused by light is not stable, avoid eye fatigue, shock to work.

good decorative effect, with special surface treatment technology, novel appearance, simple installation, convenient disassembly, wide application range.

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