LED industrial lighting universal global heat problems still need improvement
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In today's LED mining lamp market of many commodities have begun to emerge out of a lot of people have said that such a state of the market is very concerned about the people, is the high-tech product of mining lamps, mining lamps for some technical experience because of profit to go this way. This is undoubtedly disturbing the industrial and mining lamp market, and it is also a risky investment for industrial and mining lamps wholesale merchants. Besides, if this batch of inferior industrial and mining lamps is used on the construction site, it is likely to cause some accidents, so every step of the production and production of lamps and mines can not be ignored. Although the

LED mining lamp has the global popularization and application, but there are many manufacturers in the high-power LED mining lamp heat sink has not found a good solution; the single aluminum heat conduction has been met by the heat conduction requirement of LED mining lamp. Heat conduction is not effective, it will affect the service life of lamps. Therefore, for the industrial and mining lighting manufacturers, the technology of heat dissipation is the most critical. But with the continuous reform and innovation of the technology, the treatment of industrial and mining lamp radiators is also effective. The function of the radiator is to absorb the heat transferred from the substrate or chip, and then spread to the outside environment to ensure that the temperature of the LED chip is normal.

on mining lamp, in recent years, the market price is showing a rising trend, because if the price is high and can raise the threshold of the market, we have nothing to say, but it is worrying, now on the market a lot of fake products are marked with a very high price in every one on the market, make it difficult to distinguish between true and false. Most of them are not home lamp wholesalers understand the relevant technology, they are only responsible for the products sold out, or choose a powerful large, have a large market share and good reputation of the masses of the manufacturers. About LED mining lamp prices on the high side, the relevant departments also regulate raw materials, I believe there will be gradually bright situation.

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