Revolutionary changes in lamps from incandescent to LED lights
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light up the dark, what is the night to day? Lamps. Lamps can be seen everywhere in our lives, and a wide variety of lamps, lamps installed on different occasions are different, functions are also different. How are lamps developed? Edison invented the light bulb so that we can see the day in the dark. The discovery of lamps is an important factor in changing our lives. But today, Xiao Bian is not for everyone to popularize lighting knowledge, but want to talk to you about a historic change in lighting: from incandescent to LED lighting changes. There

incandescent lamp, let the night not fumble in the dark, so that we can see during the day at night. Imagine a man in a dark house, and a man in a bright house, fluctuation encountered thought, know the historical role of incandescent lamp. The emergence of incandescent lights, so that we explore the mysteries of the world, has played an indispensable role. There

incandescent lamp, the lamp in history is a breakthrough, but people are still not satisfied, the pursuit of perfection, is a kind of human nature. With the time of six thinking, incandescent lamp monotonous role has been unable to meet the needs of people, people need more functional, beautiful lamps, and then LED lights appear. What is the

LED lamp?

LED is a light emitting diode, is capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, the origin of LED to pursue to the last century in 60s, but the technology is not so perfect, just to send a simple red, orange, yellow, green, blue and other colors. Well developed and officially launched around 2000. However, but in the market is not very wide, there are two reasons: 1, but the lighting market is incandescent lamp of the world, the promotion of LED was 2, LED strong attack; cost than incandescent lamp is much higher, so the price will be much higher, which could not be fully extended. What does the emergence of

LED lamps represent? There

if incandescent lamp is turned night into day historical turn, so LED lighting is another turning point, it is not the incandescent lamp is not monotonous, easy to damage the incandescent lamp. It has changeable colors and can adapt to different occasions, whether on the ground or underwater (LED underwater lamp). LED lights make the city's modern atmosphere become more dense, so that we live in a more beautiful environment.

now, LED lighting is widely used with various places: LED tunnel lights in the tunnel; factory in LED mining lamp; LED landscape lights in the small roadside street; LED; LED underwater lights when swimming in the hotel; the outside of the LED wall lamp and so on. LED lighting is no sound to replace the incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp may soon disappear in our life!

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