Newell lighting: building LED landscape lamp design, what factors need to consider?
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LED landscape lamp as the city layout in the use of LED lighting up, is not unfamiliar to us, gorgeous color LED landscape lamp, the city dotted with beautiful stately. We have seen the effects of the LED landscape lamp design, but have we ever understood what factors the designer needs to consider in order to show the results?

factors need to consider building LED landscape design:

1, watch the building direction: buildings may be different from the angle of the direction, can see, but generally in the design before proceeding, we must first determine a specific direction as the main viewing direction.

2, the surrounding environment and background: the surrounding environment and background light and shade will affect the main required illumination. If the surrounding area is very dark, a little light is needed to illuminate the subject; if the light is bright, the light must be strengthened to highlight the main body.

3, light effect and whether the buildings: buildings because of its collocation of different appearance and may produce different lighting effects, or uniform, or shading strong; can also be a plain style, or a lively representation, according to attributes of the building itself to decide.

4, according to the characteristics of the building, select the matching lights: the choice of light source should consider light color, color rendering, efficiency, life and other factors. The color of light has a lot to do with the color of the exterior walls of the building. Generally speaking, the stone material of the gold and Brown is more suitable for using warm light to illuminate, and the light source is used as high pressure sodium lamp or halogen lamp.

5, determine the required illumination: the required illumination mainly depends on the surrounding environment, light and shade, and the color of the exterior wall material of the building. It is suggested that the illuminance value is directed at the main elevation. Generally speaking, the illuminance of the secondary facade is half of that of the facade, and it can show the stereoscopic sense of the building by the difference of light and shade between the two faces.

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