Workshop workshop chooses LED workshop, what advantage does lighting have?
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People engaged in work in the workshop all know, workshop in the air circulation and brightness are generally not how, even some workshop has given people the feeling is dark, day and night are the same.

but there are a lot of advanced LED building lights are installed on the workshop, working environment and had a big change, are of great help to enhance the enthusiasm of the staff. Install the LED

workshop and workshop workshop lamp is not installed before what different

after a small series of field view, summed up a few different, say to everyone about

1, is the first working environment is different: if not installed before it is dark, people can't concentrate on work be sleepy straws. Then, after installation, the first change is the employee's working status. No longer work, feeble appearance, but is full of passion for work in fine Fig. In fact, this change is easy to explain, and the impact of the environment on the human condition is very important. The brightness of

2 workshop: installation of lamps, the brightness of workshop in increased (but note that in time, LED must choose plant light warm light, it can protect the eyes very good), we all know that in the light of environmental work and how much difference in the dim light work environment, can make people feel happy, full of hope, so will the passion for work, and improve work efficiency. For we all know that light represents hope.

3, good heat dissipation, increase the service life of the lamp: we all know that the workshop in the summer, the temperature is so high, if the lamp does not buy do good heat, so the outside temperature and working temperature from the lamp itself, it will greatly shorten the service life of the lamp. LED workshop lamp is praise of many users in the heat, good heat dissipation, it is necessary to plant it, no do not want to use how long they need to replace the lamp.

summary speaking, LED workshop lamp has good heat dissipation, and is the most important thing is energy saving, long service life, so is the first choice of workshop lighting.

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