Shenzhen lepton lights closed down, LED enterprises or encounter winter
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Today, the lighting market to say what is the most popular, it must be Shenzhen lepton lighting boss Qiu Huarong running events. Currently, lepton lighting has been officially shut down around 21, 400 employees owed by lepton lighting, about 4 million of the salary, and about 20000000 of the supplier's payment is not paid. This is the second explosion produced a lighting, Zhongzhou photoelectric, Zhongshan Tongji delipow photoelectric lighting, and a LED ruigu technology, business failures.

since entering since 2016, the LED industry is always accompanied by the collapse of “ ”, “ ”, “ ”, shut down bankrupt “ wage arrears ”, ”, “ decline in performance loss of “ ” words, LED industry suffered a great blow.

LED industry or in “ winter ”

over the past few years, the LED industry can be said to be a stage of confusion, the massive influx of funds, not only did not make LED the sound development of the industry, but also the emergence of vicious price war, the scale of station, to reduce the price, increase in the scale of production, the consequence is that the industry becomes more and more low, the quality of the products is more and more no guarantee. The most important thing is to use a large capital price war, once the capital chain is broken, the whole development mode will instantly collapse, enterprises will be in the period of time in jeopardy. It can be said that this model is basically capital, so the quality of the product can not be guaranteed.

reduce costs, lead to the product scale of

small businesses because technology is not mature, the product quality is uneven; and large enterprises in order to reduce costs, increase production scale. Compared to small businesses, large enterprises have the strength of the brand, so it can be profitable; but because there is no small enterprises can grasp the quality of the core factors in the market downturn, it is very easy to eliminate. This is also a lack of competitiveness, once the economic problems, it is in jeopardy, so LED enterprises to enhance their competitiveness is necessary.

2016, we all know that the market is not very prosperous, so many companies are beginning to find other ways, but development is still difficult, large enterprises so, not to mention small businesses. With the large enterprises in order to survive the economic difficulties, and increase the intensity of mergers and acquisitions, the development of small enterprises in the future is further squeezed, and the space for survival is getting smaller and smaller. LED industry will enter the next shuffle stage, for LED small businesses, in 2016, said “ winter, ” is not too.

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