Newell lighting: LED days lantern innovation is very important
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Since the establishment of “ environmental protection ” as the theme of the world, all kinds of environmental protection products emerge in endlessly, LED day Lantern is also one of them. In China, LED ceiling lamps received great popularity.

in this year, the domestic LED ceiling sales showed rapid growth, further expand market share. With the continuous decline in production costs, resulting in the overall price of day Lantern down, terminal prices become more and more close to the people, businesses began to enter the era of meager profit. The market competition is more and more intense, the price war is extremely frequent. In fact,

LED ceiling is not only the need of sales, creativity, quality, price, customer service the same attention. Now the competition is so fierce that product innovation is very important. Only positive innovation of LED products can be loved by consumers, and has a broad market space.

innovation can be said to be able to make a product of sustainable development the only factor, in the current era of science and technology, technology updates fast, as if just in a blink of an eye, more fashion products, will be more competitive in the future; more of the product, also can only be put into history the dust. Newell

as lighting LED lamp manufacturers, has always been to quality first, always in ensuring product quality competitiveness at the same time, also in the way of exploration and innovation. Because we know, do not have the ability to innovate enterprises, or products, eliminated is a historical necessity. To innovation as the main body, based on product quality, after-sales service for “ body ”, this is Newell in the LED lighting market stand one of the reasons.

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