Newell tells you how to pick LED lighting manufacturers
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LED lighting as energy saving and environmental protection products, has been accepted by more and more consumers, but most consumers lack of understanding of the LED, also cannot read complex terminology, so consumers how to choose LED lighting products?

first of all we want to know what is the core value of the LED lamp? Do you have these requirements? The main advantages of LED lamps are power saving, long life, light color and fashion.

, cost. From a cost perspective, the LED lamp price is about 3-10 times of the traditional lighting range, if the power of the time more than 6 hours a day, LED lighting is good, is expected about 1 years to be able to save money to buy a lamp; if one day 2-3 hours, it is not how much electricity the. Two, the value of

. Of course, a person's life is not all activities, just for money, the pursuit of fashion, to accept new things, but also a way of life! Three, the quality of

. After deciding to buy LED lights, you'll have to see what quality LED lights you need. At present, the country has not yet introduced LED lighting quality standards, so the market LED product quality is uneven, some very cheap brand-name goods using the chip quality is very poor, that is 1W, only 0.5W-0.7W, and manufacturers in order to do high brightness, it will increase the output current of power supply, it will cause serious decay. You should choose some products with your own brand.

four, customer service service. Before buying, it is best to know about the LED manufacturer's product warranty period, and some poor products only one year, which is almost the same as the traditional energy-saving lamps, the price is still expensive, it is not worthwhile. LED lights as a new type of lighting products, for many people, is still completely unknown. So, when we buy LED lamps, we should pay attention to the goods than three. LED lamp styles are more consistent, so in the same price at the same time, you can understand why the existence of big difference. At the same time, it also requires good after-sale agreement with the merchants to ensure the rights and interests of the products.

five, also is the product of the choice of the function, like LED ceiling lamp (also called LED lamp) and LED grille lamp is light products, is mainly used to highlight local lighting, light effect according to the requirements can be customized with different angles lens 5 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees and 60 degrees; LED downlight the pan is light source products, mainly in lighting as the main function; LED lamp belt is mainly auxiliary light effect, relative to ordinary T5 lamp, in addition to his advantage of saving can also be used in places such as arc, ceiling.

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