Newell lighting: LED ceiling lamp how to install?
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LED ceiling lamp not only plays a role of lighting in a family, but also looks beautiful and generous. Suitable for overall lighting, usually used in bedrooms, dining rooms and drawing rooms. Many people have encountered the problem is: how to install ceiling lamp? What problems should we pay attention to during the installation process? Is to determine the installation position of ceiling lamps

1, selecting the location of

installed ceiling lamps should be done first. For example, the living room, dining room, kitchen ceiling lamp is best installed in the middle, so that the location of the average light. The bedroom, taking into account the influence of mosquito nets and light on sleep, so the ceiling light should not be installed above the bed. In addition

, ceiling lamps need to select the masonry structure can bear the weight of the ceiling wall or ceiling installation, try not to choose the wooden wall, so as to avoid the risk of falling for a long time.

2, remove the mask

ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps will remove the mask, under normal circumstances, ceiling lamps have a mask rotating button and stuck two fixed way, and the time to pay attention, to avoid ceiling lamps broken, then take the mask off by the way the lamp is off, stop when installing the broken lamp.

3, installation base

base on the predetermined position, mark on the wall with a pencil, and then take the base, with an electric drill in the marked position of drilling, then install the expansion bolts fixed base used in the hole, the hole diameter and buried depth of attention should be consistent with the specifications of the bolt. Then put the base back to the preset position and fix it.

4, connecting wire

fixed base, it can be connected with the power line wiring ceiling lamp base, need to pay attention to, and the two ends of connecting power line ceiling lamps, electrical contact should be good, but also with black tape wrapped, and keep a certain distance, if not possible the two thread on the same piece of metal, so as to avoid the risk of short circuit.

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