Workshop lighting, choose LED workshop lights need to pay attention to what?
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Workshop lighting, when choosing LED workshop lamp, need according to the actual circumstance of workshop. The size of the workshop, the heat dissipation of the workshop and so on are the factors that influence the selection of the LED workshop lamp. What kind of LED workshop lamp is suitable for factory lighting?

1 lamp brightness: plant because of a large space, so in the choice of LED plant bulbs, need to choose high power lamps, the lamp power is bigger, its brightness is larger and the range of lighting is wide. But what should notice is, the lamplight of lamps and lanterns is best choose is warm white light, avoid the eye receives harm.

2, lamp heat dissipation: in hot weather, because of the closure of the workshop, the temperature inside it is much higher than the outside, in choosing LED lamps, we should take into account the heat dissipation of the lamp. The heat dissipation of the lamp determines the service life of the LED workshop lamp. Choosing LED plant lights, we need to consider not only the practicality and economy of the luminaire, but also the adaptability of the luminaire.

3, lamps waterproof performance: some consumers believe that LED factory lights are hung in the higher, so there is no need to consider the waterproof of lamps and lanterns, this is wrong. In South China, the rainy weather is more common. In the rainy season, the plant will be relatively humid, and if the waterproof performance of the lamp is not enough, it is easy to damage and reduce the service life of lamps. So you need to be careful when you choose.

4, lamps and lanterns Economy: choose LED workshop lights, to consider the economy, not the higher the price of lamps, the more suitable. There is no direct relation between the price and the utilization ratio of building lights. According to the actual situation of the factory, it is correct to choose the lamps with suitable power.

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