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As a Zhongshan LED mining lamp company, with Newell photoelectric lighting lamps Zhongshan high quality product development philosophy, pay attention to product quality, with advanced technology, the production of lamps best quality, constantly progress, constantly improve the LED mining lamp imperfections, is committed to product development and perfect lighting.

Guangdong Newell Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 so far, for the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with one of the ten major brands of China lighting — — Aurora lighting, dedicated to the most outstanding and most advanced lighting solutions to China.

Newell optoelectronics R & D center is located in California, in the United States, under the leadership of Mr. Liu Deng, a collection of cutting-edge intelligent lighting solutions and cutting-edge technology in the United States, established the core technology of LED intelligent lighting Newell.

Newell lighting electrical abide by the rules of LED, the procedure adopts strict anti-static treatment technology, imported high precision chip mounter, lead-free wave soldering and reflow soldering machine, automatic glue pouring process and equipment, one hundred percent aging screening test, to ensure product quality to meet international standards. The best products, the most advanced products in the world, is the pursuit of Newell lighting.

as Zhongshan LED mining lamp company, we are committed to our professional, to create the most suitable product for the user, under the premise of quality assurance, do more sophisticated, more in line with the needs of users, improve the shortcomings. We have been walking on the road to improve the LED smart lamps, never stopped.

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