Three prediction of future development of LED lighting
Date: 2017-02-18 11:44:18 Hits: 886

If you want to make a bold guess, 2017 I think there may be the following three situations:

1, from the macro international economic relations, Trump was elected president of the United States, is expected to take a tougher trade attitude, such as strengthening trade protection, trade barriers etc.. According to reports, the United States in January 3rd, said Trump will nominate Robert Letjize (RobertLighthizer) served as the United States trade representative, Wright chize is generally considered to be the representative of the United States trade hawks. It is reported that Trump during the election campaign he promised to curb unfair trade practices China, and as a lawyer of the Wright chize is rich in trade negotiation experience, and won in many cases against Chinese steel dumping and the subsidies, tariffs on steel export enterprises China harsh to billions of dollars.

2, the black swan event in the capital market will be more and more. The black swan event is a very unpredictable and unusual event that usually causes a chain of negative reactions and even subversion. In 2016 a British exit from Europe belong to this case, news release, gold prices continued to drop pounds. Capital market in 2017 is expected to be more black swan event, although the lighting industry may not have a great direct impact, but related to the macroeconomic environment, investors still need more vigilance.

3, the industry as a whole will be more pragmatic and rational. The industry holding high dozen phenomenon will be less and less, but does not rule out there are still outside the capital into, take aggressive strategy in have a ready pen do not understand the industry situation.

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