The use of LED light projector is a matter of note
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With the development of LED technology, LED lamps are becoming ubiquitous in our daily life. In particular, LED lights are more popular with everyone. In order to fully use the

LED lamp, when using the installation of light, need to pay attention to the details of what.

1, when using the LED light, a panel should be placed beside the lamp to help adjust the illumination angle of the luminaire and apply a different environment.

2, in the choice of lamps, according to their own needs, choose their own back of the switch mode, so that when the lamp damage, convenient replacement and maintenance.

3, according to their own needs, choose a different light distribution system. In general, the luminaire is divided into two systems, one is the symmetrical angle system, and the other is the asymmetric wide-angle system. So, in choosing, you need to think about what kind of system lights you need.

4, in the selection of lamps, the manufacturers need to have an intuitive judgment, manufacturers reputation and brand is good, in the industry's reputation? The best choice is to have a good brand reputation of the manufacturers, to buy more peace of mind.

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