Why can LED mines and lamps be installed in explosive and flammable places?
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In some special occasions, such as explosive and flammable occasions, the lamps and lanterns installed must have high security features, to avoid the heat dissipation of the lamp, heating and lead to safety problems. LED industrial and mining lamps, as lamps installed on these special occasions, have the characteristics of high safety.

first LED mining lamp adopts imported chip, LED package quality, with characteristics of low light decay, high efficiency. Followed by the adoption of lamps and lanterns position, locking installation, to ensure that lamps and lanterns are not due to external factors, such as falling, damage. There is a lamp body

adopted to create light alloy materials, special sealing and insulating layer on the surface of the lamp can guarantee, will not be eroded even in conditions of wet, low temperature and so on the bad, will not rust. Ensure the safety of lamps and lanterns, not because of the destruction of lamps and lanterns and security problems. Finally

is adopted and LED mining lamp seat type derrick and so on many kinds of installation form, and each can adapt to different working environment good.

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