What should I pay attention to when choosing LED industrial and mining lamps?
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With the rapid development of LED mining lights, the quality of LED mining lamps on the market has become uneven, in the purchase of lamps, if not careful, may choose to inferior products. So you need to know some purchasing knowledge.

when purchase lamps, lamps will not only consider the price, not the first to see the price of a product to understand, understand the product quality, brand, efficiency, environmental protection, light is heat dissipation and so on, in the mind to the next product pricing, and then look at the price of the product, and compared to the better choice. In the purchase of

LED mining lamp, especially need to pay attention to what? The quality of

, LED mining lamp is configured. First, LED mining lamp chip with what brand of imported brands, high light efficiency, long life, small decline, stability. Two,

second power supply, power supply of poor quality is lack of basic power, is the lamp of your 100W, is actually 40-50w, it will affect the life of lamps.

three, and then look at the shell material, and purity of lamps prices also depends on the selection of high purity aluminum, the aluminum heat sink, using aluminum more naturally, only with the material reality, in order to ensure the radiating effect of the lamp.

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