LED lighting lamps are frequently recalled and three major problems need to be solved
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In recent years, with the renewal of lighting products, LED products, such as energy saving, environmental protection and longer service life, have gradually taken the place of traditional lamps. As the total export volume continues to rise, domestic LED lighting products recall cases are increasing. A sharp contrast between the two shows that China's LED industry is growing while quality problems are also worrying.

according to statistics, only the first two months of 2017, the European Commission for non food rapid alert system (RAPEX) to initiate a recall of 7 LED class products China. From the recall products, mainly for LED flood lights, LED lights, lights string, LED energy-saving lamps, etc., the recall of the main countries for Spain, France, Poland, Bulgaria and so on. A case is another example of a product recall, highlights China's overall quality of LED products and the world advanced level there is a certain gap, comprehensive recall situation, mainly in the following three aspects: one is the

waterproof performance of substandard products, easy to damp, causing damage inside the lamp does not meet the requirements of the EU, low voltage command. Such products mainly appear in LED outdoor lamps, because in outdoor use, the product waterproof requirements higher, if the product waterproof can not meet the requirements, easy to cause damage to the interior of the lamp, fire. As of February 15th, the French recall, on China made of a LED lamp in February 28th, Spain on China made of a string of Christmas lights recall, recall the reasons are products of housing, power line plug and other parts of the waterproof performance is not standard, causes the product does not meet the low voltage directive.

two is the product of protection against electric shock does not meet the standard requirements, leading to recall. The main reason of such problems as part of the production enterprises do not understand the relevant requirements of European standard EN60598 and low voltage directive, defective product design, protection against electric shock is not done, there is risk of electric shock in the structure, and then by the EU countries to recall. As of February 4th, the Poland Chinese produced a LED lighting initiated the recall, recall the reasons is the product risk will make users of electric shock in the design, and cable insulation poor may cause fire, the product does not comply with the low voltage directive and the European Union EN60958 standard and IEC60884 standard.

three is the product of internal wiring and external connection quality risk, thus easily lead to electric shock, fire and other hazards, falling injury risk, the personal and property safety of consumers. This problem also is more common, because the LED products in the long time use process, often fever cases, so the internal connection wire and cable external demand is higher, especially the insulation, heat resistance and other properties. If you do not meet the requirements of the cable in order to save materials, it will bring greater risks. For example, in January 10th, Bulgaria recalled a LED light produced in China, mainly due to the fact that the cables were too thin and extremely likely to overheat and cause fire risk. The product does not meet the requirements of the EU EN60950 standard for low voltage.

LED lighting product quality is uneven, recall events are still frequent. In view of this, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant production enterprises: one is to keep abreast of relevant standards of LED lighting products in the European and American developed countries, timely communication with foreign customers, from product design, raw material procurement, assembly and other aspects of the production, improve product quality. The two is the study of all kinds of serious quality problems reported abroad, recall by analogy, grasping the key link quality, the blind pursuit of cheap to focus on the product itself, to enhance product quality control force as the direction of enterprise development. The three is to actively apply for the inspection and certification of products, increase the detection of new products, and strengthen the inspection and quarantine departments, industry associations, certification of the communication, access to quality about LED lighting products of the new requirements, improve product competitiveness in the international market China.

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