2017 LED display industry will welcome greater opportunities for development
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With China's LED display technology has become more sophisticated, LED display system as an important information display terminal system, the construction of the city, smart security, video conferencing, aerospace, high-end business fields play an increasingly significant role of great power. The LED industry has seen a noticeable recovery in the near future. The main manufacturers in the industry are in full production, short-term memory in a certain supply, the industry chain also generally have price appeal. The industry expects the supply and demand situation to be tense throughout the two quarter and the three quarter.

Guoxin Securities analysts believe that the global LED package $15 billion 300 million, growth to pick up to 5%. Europe, the United States, Japan and other foreign manufacturers dominate the high-end market, although China's LED started late, it is gradually becoming the global LED packaging device manufacturing center. At the same time, LED packaging industry concentration continues to improve, the domestic leading packaging enterprises to enhance profitability. In 2016, LED chip package and lighting several rounds of price increases, in 2017 the chip leader Sanan optoelectronics, fired the starting gun price package leading Linsen, highlighting the pattern of supply and demand determine the improvement of LED industry. Lighting + display accounted for more than the downstream application of 2/3. 2016 global LED lighting market size of $34 billion 600 million, penetration rate of only 31%, in 2017 the global LED lighting market penetration is expected to exceed 36%, the growth rate of over 20%, intelligent lighting continued to stimulate the overall demand of the industry. 2017 small distance LED display market growth of more than 50%, the overall sustained supply and demand are booming. The global LED backlight market has been slightly reduced by the OLED substitution, and the backlight production capacity has been transferred to china.

LED industry supply and demand tension mainly with two factors, first, the downstream demand continues to grow, especially lighting and other consumer goods explosive growth, two is the industry itself has not expanded for many years. The Great Wall Securities pointed out that 2016 is a small pitch LED display to usher in the explosive growth of the year, enterprises to increase R & D, product spacing has been a breakthrough innovation, display greatly upgrading, industry market demand soared, 2017 small pitch LED display industry will usher in greater development opportunities. In the huge business opportunities, domestic small distance LED display enterprises have increased technological research and development, and continuously expand production capacity. Small distance products are positioned in the high-end application market with high product prices and large profits. Technical support, small pitch LED display with bare intelligent applications, cloud platform control, the naked eye 3D, VR technology, display more creative, attracting a large number of users, pushing a small pitch LED display products to the greater market.

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