Newell lighting: what are the characteristics of LED ceiling lamp?
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LED Xidingdeng common sense cover Xidingdeng, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, semi-circular pointed oblate Xidingdeng, semi Bian ball Xidingdeng, small rectangle cover xidingdeng. Ceiling lamp is suitable for lighting in living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on. LED ceiling lamps can be directly installed in the ceiling, simple installation, simple style, bright and lively feeling of the space.

LED ceiling lamps usually have circular lamp ballast and a ballast, electronic ballast inductance ballasts and two, compared with the inductance ballast, the electronic ballast can improve the effect of light and the system, can instant start, prolong the service life of lamps. At the same time, its temperature rise small, no noise, small size, light weight, power consumption is only inductance ballast 1/3 to 1/4, so consumers should choose electronic ballasts, ceiling lamp. The circular lamp lamp with halogen powder suction and three color three color lamp powder powder, good color, high luminosity, slow decay; color difference, halogen lamp light is low, fast decay. To distinguish the halogen powder and three color powder tube, and two light tube, put your hands on the two lamp can be found near the white light lamp, halogen powder on distortion, three color lamp light powder color is skin color.

LED ceiling lamp with remote control and no remote control two, with remote control dome light switch is convenient, suitable for use in the bedroom. Ceiling lamp shade material is generally plastic, plexiglass, glass lampshade is now little.

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