Newell lighting: from what point of view, LED industrial and mining lights is a long-life lamps?
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LED miner's lamp is a kind of long life lamp In our cognition, this is generally accepted. LED industrial and mining lamps are designed to replace the traditional industrial and mining lights because of the large amount of energy consumption, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. We know that the LED miner's lamp has a longer service life, but it is not known what factors determine the service life of the LED miner's lamp. Today by Newell lighting as we interpret:

constant current power supply: current high control precision, stable current. The unique design of the security isolation circuit, overload, short circuit and thermal protection, high reliability, security LED mining lamp life;

radiating material: LED mining lamp using aluminum radiator, spraying the surface corrosion resistance of super heat conducting metal paint, lamps and chip perfect matching, to ensure sufficient heat dissipation, improving heat dissipation efficiency;

lighting lamp: LED mining lamp shell is used Aluminum Alloy high quality materials for production, after long-term use will not change the phenomenon of deformation, the surface is treated by electrostatic spray, prolong the time;

light source: LED light source chip with high quality, high luminous efficiency, long life, bright color, light the light source is low, the service life can reach 50000 hours;

light distribution: using two optical design technology, using optical mirror of To maximize the effect of light to the light irradiation surface uniformity, no glare, no ghost. Low LED mining lamp no two optical design, on chip light will produce uneven illumination, shadows, glare and other phenomena, the long-term use of eye pain, increased fatigue.

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