Present situation and development trend of LED lamps
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With the market penetration of LED lamps increasing year by year, the manufacturers of lamps and lanterns focus on the LED lamps and lanterns. LED as a new technology driven development and related peripheral various technologies, while developing gradually produced a variety of unexpected problems, new market participants also use their advantages to redefine the market. The popularity of

LED lighting technology, due to its low energy consumption, is regarded as an ideal alternative to traditional products with great energy consumption. Coupled with its rich color, it is widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting. With the continuous improvement of LED light effect, the maturation of heat dissipation technology and the progress of drive technology, the last two years have begun to exert force on indoor and outdoor lamps.

indoor products and the people living closer to the huge market potential. LED downlight, ceiling lamp, mainly sales of the domestic market, beans gall spotlights and track lights etc.. Early downlights and spotlights the basic choice of single particle LED, the circuit board design to adapt to the different power and different caliber.

such products there are three main problems: one is

: because of the LED technology to master the lack of product failure rate is high, once the failure will need to replace the entire product, rather than the traditional products as long as the light source can be replaced, so the maintenance cost is very high; the two is a

: LED the light is not a designer requires uniform circular spot, but a superposition of some spot;

three are: the need to re structure, optical and thermal design of LED particles and the combination of different caliber products, leading the design cost, increase the mold into the corresponding, warehousing costs and manufacturing costs.

in order to solve the above problems, now LED products also has some trend. For example, for traditional QRCBC, QR111 halogen lamps, the use of the same specifications of LED light source, can use the original transformer and lamp body, and also can replace the light source as traditional lamps. In addition

, as well as the use of COB package and conforming to the ZHAGA light engine trend, to regulate the light source of LED, improve the flux in the size unchanged, reduce manufacturing cost and design. For spotlights, the ultra narrow beam angle is one of the advantages of the lamp manufacturer's design and manufacture. The development trend of

dimming is lighting products. The dimming mode of domestic products is mainly from 0 to 10V, and there are still few DALI dimming methods applied in the world. Because it is aware that LED dimming may cause color drift problems, dimming requirements are no longer purely voltage regulation, current modulation, and PWM based. However, this will also bring problems such as EMC need to be further resolved.

map: single chip or COB package

in color selection, domestic tend to 2700K and lower temperature to bring warm and comfortable feeling. In addition, we should pay special attention to the bio - Safety of interior products, and design different filters to achieve different light distribution effects.

another trend is the flexible circuit board color yellow with low color temperature light to mix better. There are a class of flat light, but the current market is more concerned about its light uniformity, generally do decorative lighting use.

LED products are in fact light products, light systems.

it has three meanings: one is

: products emit light to meet the owners, designers and stores, both qualitative and quantitative are to meet. In reality, there are often sales staff designers to communicate with the power as a measure of light output of the basis, thought it should improve the light output power increase, this is actually a serious misunderstanding;

two: as the best-selling product, should from the appearance, quality, performance to meet the owners and designers requirements;

three: from the perspective of system, the enterprise should be able to give users a systematic support from the application, product, construction, light and services, giving users a full range of products and professional application system. The emergence of

LED technology, greatly enriched the lighting products, lighting a lamp is no longer a source of success, the smaller and thinner, more functional products change rapidly in foreign markets. LED as a product that requires a variety of knowledge, the design is the soul of a product and enterprise, so we should grasp the design trend of the product, rather than rely on low-priced marketing, regardless of the quality of the market strategy.

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