What LED lamps are generally used in workshops and workshops?
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For led lamps, it is applied in a wide range of places. In different places, the lamps used are also different. In some domestic factories and workshops, what kind of installation conditions and lighting requirements are generally used? For led lamps, this also has certain requirements. Today, the editor of Changyuan Lighting will explain this content to you. The content is for your reference only.
In our country's lighting standards, the illumination requirements of different factories and workshops are also different. For the workshop, its height is a problem. Because of the different types of factories, the uniformity and intensity of the LED high bay lighting are different. According to the overall area of ​​the workshop and the installation span of the lamps, the required LED lamp power is determined.
In real life, led high bay lights are used more and more widely. Some large factories have gradually replaced ordinary energy-saving lamps with led high bay lights. In actual prices, led high bay lights are more expensive than energy-saving lamps, but there are still many Advantages.
1. For ordinary energy-saving lamps, it consumes a lot of power, more than 3 times that of led high bay lamps.
2. The average lifespan of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only 1 year, while LED high bay lamps can reach 5W hours.
3. For ordinary energy-saving lamps, its luminescence is only white and warm colors, while for led high bay lamps, it is a solid luminous body, solid cold light source, and the luminous color is relatively rich.
4. Led industrial and mining lamp has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, shockproof, waterproof, miniature, high brightness, easy to dimming, etc.
5. For ordinary energy-saving lamps, there are mercury elements inside. If the bulb is damaged, it will directly affect people's safety.
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