Advantages of LED subway lights
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Due to the complexity of the urban subway network, the lighting tools need to experience long-term overloaded operation. In order to ensure the safe travel of passengers, the LED subway lights responsible for the lighting of the interval tunnels need to meet strict reliability requirements. Such high requirements are mainly reflected in the lighting value, uniformity of illuminance, color rendering index, quality characteristics, durability, protection, environmental protection, adaptability of the subway, and maintainability of the lamps.

In the past, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps were used for subway tunnel lighting. However, in recent years, as LED lamps have become more and more familiar and recognized by the market, LED subway lamps have surpassed traditional lamps and become the best choice for subway lighting. To give an example, the first subway line in China and even the world to use LED lighting is Shenzhen Metro Line 2.

As a lighting facility in the underground space, the uniform brightness can make passengers feel at ease, avoid the fear of darkness, and reduce many unnecessary injuries. On the basis of ensuring uniform brightness, Guangdong Newell Optoelectronics LED subway section lights effectively prevent the appearance of glare through high-efficiency reflective materials and precise reflection angles. Of course, high light efficiency, long life, good stability, and high reliability are also significant advantages of LED lights.
All of the above, coupled with the super protective performance, earthquake resistance and heat dissipation performance of Guangdong Newell LED subway section lights, it is truly the best subway lighting lamp.

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