What are the two connection methods of LED lamp?
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1、 What are the two connection methods of LED lamp

First, disconnect the power supply, remove the ballast with inductance in the lamp holder, and then remove the starter; then connect the two wires on both sides of the lamp holder; finally, put the lamp tube into the lamp holder, and turn the lamp tube to work normally.

2、 How to buy high quality LED lamp

1. Packaging and trademarks

When purchasing, we should carefully check the packaging and trademark of LED lamps, and the packaging trademark of high-quality LED lamps can be seen clearly. May as well use the wet paper towel to wipe the trademark inspection, there is no way to wipe off the genuine products, and there is a standard manufacturer's quality certificate.

2. Lamp appearance

Good quality LED lamps have smooth appearance, no cracks, depressions and other imprints, and the shell is fire-proof engineering plastics, while poor quality LED lamps are easy to deform and have high flammability, and poor energy-saving effect.

3. Working status

The service life of LED lamp is very long, if the heat dissipation is not good, the lamp bead is working in high temperature environment, the service life will be greatly reduced. Then quickly switch the lamp for inspection. If it flickers quickly, it means that the quality of the lamp bead is not good.

4. Working voice

You can listen to whether the LED will make a sound in silence. If the LED lamp works very loud, it proves that the quality of the power supply is poor, you'd better not buy it.

Summary: the above is about the two wiring methods of LED lamps and how to buy high-quality LED lamps. I hope it can help you.
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