LED patch lamp how to distinguish between positive and negative?
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A, the positive and negative level of the LED patch distinction: carefully look at the front of the LED patch, in a square or rectangle there is a corner with a lack of Angle, the lack of Angle there is positive, the other side is negative. LED lamp bead positive and negative distinction: carefully look at the front of the LED lamp bead, at both ends of the LED lamp bead, one end has a small lack of Angle, and the lack of Angle this end is positive, the other end is negative. Straw hat LED lamp is negative to distinguish: new LED did not cut the feet, long legs is positive, the other end of the corresponding to the anode, each manufacturer will not be the same, if the patch is 2512 encapsulation, tag at the bottom or a head of colored is negative, is at the bottom of the triangle, said big head is positive, small head is negative, again big encapsulation of plus or minus sign.

Two, you can also use the multimeter of the ohmmeter quantity. For the dial multimeter, set to "Ohm X1", when the diode is emitting, the red stylus is connected to the positive end of the SMD LED, and the black stylus is connected to the negative end of the SMD LED.

Three, due to the LED opening threshold of 1.5-1.8V. It is possible that the voltage provided by the digital multimeter will not start it. So let's look at the label. SMD LED, the green dot is the negative, the opposite is the positive.

four. LED patch lamp is made of FPC circuit board, LED lamp and high quality silicone sleeve. Waterproof performance, the use of low voltage DC power supply is safe and convenient, the light color is diverse and bright; Outdoor use can resist UV aging, yellowing, high temperature and other advantages, the product is widely used in building clearance lights, entertainment places quasi decorative lighting, advertising decorative lighting field.

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