Policy analysis of LED industry quarterly in 2016
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Recently, the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and Industry Alliance Industry Research Institute released the 2016 LED industry quarterly analysis report, the report of a comprehensive analysis of the first quarter of 2016, LED industry development from policy, technology, industry and market four aspects. For the first quarter of 2016, the new policy at home and abroad on the development of China's LED three lamp industry impact of the following analysis and prediction.

1 “, 13th Five-Year ” at the beginning of the year, LED industry ushered in new opportunities for

2016 years, is China “ 13th Five-Year ” planning start of the year, China's economic growth is the key to the transformation and development. In the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee through the CPC Central Committee on the thirteenth five year plan for national economic and social development of the proposal clearly pointed out that speeding up the construction of manufacturing power, the implementation of 2025 to the LED China manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection industry pointed out the direction of development. During the 13th Five-Year “ ” to the development of environmental protection technology and equipment; the construction of modern agricultural management system, accelerate the development of urban modern agriculture; the implementation of “ Internet +” action plan, the formation of network intelligence service, collaborative industry development in the new form. LED enterprises should focus on the development of agriculture oriented beyond lighting, lighting technology and market, the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, accelerate business model, service model, supply chain, logistics mode and innovation chain management based on Internet, “ Internet +” system of ecological cultivation.

2, PPP into the fast lane, the local government to promote the transformation and upgrading of the LED industry,

2016 years, PPP has become a high frequency words in the work of the local government, some representatives of the Committee and submitted to the NPC and CPPCC PPP proposal. It can be foreseen that PPP will become one of the leading modes for the supply of infrastructure and public services in China for a long time to come. Along with China's economic development has entered a new normal “ ”, to infrastructure as the representative of the public products growing demand and constrained the ability to supply the gap expanding, which makes the infrastructure construction has been completely dominated by the government investment and financing mode to reform, the PPP model is expected to become an important direction of infrastructure investment and financing reform. PPP model in LED technology research and development, production capacity cooperation, standardization, product sales, finance and personnel training and other industrial chain links are promising.

3, Brazil banned incandescent lamps, to promote energy efficient LED light

as the BRICs, one of Brazil in the promotion of efficient lighting products and even a combination of boxing. Brazil Electric Power Bureau, Brazil national standards authority and manufacturers jointly implemented a series of update plans such as lighting, set aside part of the funds from the budget, with subsidies to reduce the price of energy-saving lamps and LED products; provisions will be completely in June 2016 to ban the incandescent lamp, promote LED lighting, lighting market in Brazil in 2016 the scale is expected to reach US $4 billion 720 million. Among them, LED will reach 50% of the market share, thus the annual growth rate of Brazil LED lamps will reach 46.7% (2013-2016 years).

as the host of the 2016 Olympic Games, will produce a trillion dollar market opportunities. The Olympic Games held in Rio De Janeiro in August 2016 will greatly promote the development of buildings and lighting projects, including Hotel Brazil Inn, Olympic Village, tourist facilities and urban renewal. At present, China has become Brazil's largest importer of LED, more than 60% of its total imports. Brazil's dependence on China's lighting imports has gradually increased.

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