LED light chicken, eggs more delicious?
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Zhong Jianwen, assistant professor of electrical engineering at the Far East Department of Taiwan, uses the LED industrial lights to control the lighting of sheds. In addition to laying hens more eggs, and eggs taste particularly fragrant. Through his research results, he suggested that when consumers pick eggs, they should break the stereotype of the bigger the “ egg, the better the ”.

bell Jian said, LED lamp can drive the poultry industry upgrade. His scheme was subsidized by the State Council, which proved that red light could stimulate the number of eggs, and green light could increase the size of eggs, while the single light source could increase the survival rate of young hens. He said, usually select the general “ egg white ”, nutrition was enough, generally 18 weeks of feeding small most hens lay eggs, over 80 weeks old hen lay the biggest star, but because of water, not necessarily nutrition, suggested that consumers choose eggs without big stick.

Zhong Jianwen after 9 years of study, published yesterday, and students from the Department of restaurant management test. Open the egg shell in general, super market to buy the egg spread as clear as water and dilute, and yolk collapse, directly under the pan fried egg Poached Egg, easy to stick pan.

and produced by LED lamp lighting control chicken egg, egg yolk and egg white sticky like a ball like stand. In practice the din Tai Fung student Wu Yuhui said that this egg is particularly easy to cook, can turn left two pot, not only beautiful shape, taste chewy protein, egg yolk is particularly fragrant.

Zhong Jianwen explained that the summer high temperature, hard water under the production of chicken, egg, egg shell is thin, easy transportation to bruise and egg white thin. Using LED lights to control the chicken, eggshell strength, egg yolk weight, egg thickness ratio is better.

Zhong Jianwen pointed out that the academic literature has proved that light irradiation can stimulate the hens; using LED cold light source lamp, with cooling system, laying more stable mood, easy rearing.

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