How to help LED enterprises boost confidence and promote the healthy development of the industry
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Also to the annual “ two sessions ” time, delegates from all over the country gathered in the capital to discuss the development plan.

NPC and CPPCC | to help enterprises to boost the confidence of promoting private economy healthy development of

enterprises is the protagonist of the market economy, is also the initiator of innovation. Robin Li, Yang Yuanqing, Ma Huateng, Liu Qiangdong, Li Dongsheng, Lei Jun, Wang Dongsheng, Sun Pishu … … these well-known entrepreneurs are innovative Nongchao, is on the “ +” and “ 2025” Chinese Internet manufacturing step point dance in the exploration.

“ ” in 13th Five-Year, they are the vanguard, this proposal has become the focus of media attention in science and technology. Among them, the focus of Robin Li unmanned policies and regulations; Ma Huateng share economy and internet medical attention; Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong proposed legislation is an important guarantee for the development of the electricity supplier industry health; the National People's Congress, Beijing science and Technology Co., CEO millet Lei Jun recommendations: to improve the business environment to help the new economic transformation; member of the CPPCC National Committee, President and CEO of Lenovo Group officer Yang Yuanqing wants to upgrade products, stimulate new demand; member of the CPPCC National Committee, the New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Yu Minhong: the need for a thorough understanding of the Internet Education “ + ”; the National People's Congress, TCL group chairman of Limited by Share Ltd, CEO Li Dongsheng said: the success of the transition into an important industrial and economic indicators; members of the CPPCC, Suning Holding Group Chairman Zhang Jindong the development pattern to encourage cross-border O2O, convenient building real Body consumption scene; Wang Dongsheng chairman of Limited by Share Ltd BOE technology group put forward “ to break the trade barriers, promote cross-border innovation ”; wave group chairman Sun Pishu suggested that the government through the purchase of services to accelerate the data open ocean terminal; founder and CEO had proposed blue: to promote cross-border electricity sector as benign competition; “ Montana ”, as a business model. The proposals and questions in the proposal are not a new round of competition and competition in the future.

so, how to help enterprises to boost confidence, and promote the healthy development of private enterprises in the economy? The afternoon of March 2nd, the four meeting of the twelve CPPCC press conference in the Great Hall of the press room on the first floor held, the CPPCC Committee spokesman Wang Guoqing said in answer to reporters' questions in “, the private economy is an important part of our national economy. The healthy development of the private economy, directly related to the economic growth of our country in the maelstrom of the global economic downturn remain in. The CPPCC National Committee has gathered many members of private entrepreneurs and the difficulties and challenges faced by private enterprises. Of course, the CPPCC members are often focused on their discussions. ”

Wang said: “ in November last year, the CPPCC National Committee twelve session of the thirteenth meeting of the Standing Committee, members of the 13th Five-Year ” plan for “ to study and discuss the proposal, there are many related topics and the private economy. Some members believe that boosting confidence in the development of private entrepreneurs should focus on two aspects. On the one hand, to guide the transformation and development, we should speed up innovation in technology, products and formats, and put the focus of development on quality and efficiency. Guide private enterprises to actively participate in the national implementation of the “ during the 13th Five-Year ”, “ Chinese strong industrial base project manufacturing 2025”, “ Internet +” action plan, and constantly improve the development capability and core competitiveness. On the other hand, to create a good environment, protection of property rights and property of enterprise innovation income in accordance with the law. To build a deeper understanding, timely reflect and promote the platform to solve the outstanding problems faced in the development of private enterprises, promote the formation of conducive to the development of the private economic policy environment, legal environment, market environment and social environment. ”

however, LED lighting as a national energy-saving emission reduction, green development of a new generation of light source, many advantages of its section is no longer in detail. As a semiconductor lighting industry, people can not go to the two sessions at this time to ask questions, but also here to report on the development of the industry and suggestions.

review of 12 years of development Chinese semiconductor lighting industry, 12 years ago, it should be said that all the devices rely mainly on imports, the whole industry production value of billions of dollars. However, in 2015, the overall scale of China's semiconductor lighting industry reached 424 billion 500 million yuan; patents rarely from now to more than more than 30 thousand; especially the domestic rate of LED chips, is now close to 80%.

at present, Chinese semiconductor lighting industry growth over the past 10 years the rate remained at 30%, but this year, affected by the overall economic growth rate fell below 20%. Although the scale of China's semiconductor lighting industry is still growing, but the growth narrowed. Upstream: industrial concentration improved, LED chip price war fierce; midstream enterprises polarization serious. Upstream chip level packaging has emerged, the downstream is also extended to the middle reaches, the stronger the stronger, some small and medium-sized enterprises to survive more difficult, midstream enterprises growth rate is low. Downstream: LED lighting market penetration increased, but the price war “ ” wantonly, directly led to the decline in business efficiency, no increase in interest income situation is still grim; Export: the European Union and the United States, Japan, ASEAN countries, the BRIC countries and the Middle East countries are the main market in China LED lighting products export market, but uneven growth. Different.

industry mergers and acquisitions tide, the industry leading enterprise development gradually formed, the strong stronger, resources continued to focus on large and medium-sized enterprises engaged in low-end products manufacturing strength, small business survival difficult, showing obvious polarization, especially the downstream application of enterprise competition is fierce, fail frequently. At the same time, due to the upstream and downstream links extrusion, so that business and profit margins continue to shrink.

overall, in response to the energy crisis and the deteriorating global environment challenges at the same time, China has entered a new normal transformation of economic growth shift, the adjustment of industrial structure, development mode. The semiconductor lighting industry after the rapid growth in recent years has established a leading position in the lighting industry, with the global “ ” forbidden Bering vigorously promote China's semiconductor lighting industry shows a rising trend, but affected by the economic environment growth has slowed, started by “ ” high-speed growth into high-speed growth in ” “ in.

future | industry has not yet entered the mature stage, there is still much room for development

although semiconductor lighting has established a leading position in the lighting industry, but the industry has not entered the mature period, the light source itself is still in progress, potential or additional function has not been excavated, the three industry is still facing the challenges of LED: one is the industry innovation ability is not strong, two structural overcapacity, three is the industrial development environment needs to be improved. The whole industry has shown such problems as low profits, homogeneous products and lack of order in the market.

plus, the global energy and the environment, are faced with the challenge of population aging, are facing the problem of economic growth shift. At the same time, it faces the challenges of political regional protectionism, cold war mentality and regional conflicts. Especially in technology, traditional industries and emerging industries and Internet plus the simultaneous development of the real economy and the wisdom of how the synchronous development of industry. In particular, digitization has not yet fully realized the growth potential. We are only just beginning now, how to achieve more disruptive technology in the global scope of open innovation, cross-border cooperation is facing challenges.

Chinese economy has entered a new norm, economic shift, industrial upgrading, the aging of the population in synchronization occurs. In the transition period of new and old growth momentum, the Chinese government has put forward the strategy of innovation driven. In 13th Five-Year, “ ”, “ ”, The Belt and Road China manufacturing 2025 and “ Internet +” policy under the guidance of driver development in the “ public entrepreneurship, innovation and ” innovation environment, China's semiconductor lighting industry will continue to move towards intelligence, information, quality and standardization direction. First, we should innovate the system and mechanism, and two, we should make innovations in science and technology. Large scale and low-end traditional industries should be upgraded and environmental friendly green GDP should be adopted, and open innovation should be realized under the concept of harmonious green, open and shared. In the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee

presented in the next five years China's goal is to build a well-off society. For the LED industry, the next five years will be a healthy and sustainable development of a decisive period. At the same time, to solve the problem of the driving force of the whole industry, it is imperative to solve the problem of technical support and export of products. One is the entrance - technical support; the two is: exports - global markets, global cooperation. Technology entrance refers to the “ public entrepreneurship, ” innovation, we should accelerate the pace of technological innovation. In the new period, industry through R & D and Industry Alliance national semiconductor lighting project initiated by light “ Belt and Road Initiative ”, multi-creation space industry, financial services, such as cross-border electricity supplier action plan to lead the industry, promote the long-term development of the industry.

from the global experience, if develop a strategic emerging industry needs twenty years, then China's semiconductor lighting industry after just half the distance. In the past ten years, we have established the cost advantage of semiconductor lighting industry from the angle of ecological light source. The next ten years, industry and information technology needs to be deeply integrated, in the Internet of things, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, fog computing and other areas to achieve cross-border integration. However, graphene quantum dots, nano new materials, new technology and semiconductor lighting will be further integration, and may have a pioneering and innovative application and subversive, and lead the whole industry to accelerate the development of the third generation semiconductor. In the new situation, China's semiconductor lighting industry or enterprise only through continuous innovation, can lead the whole industry forward healthily. Whether alternative lighting or intelligent lighting, or beyond the application of lighting has not yet reached its peak, the semiconductor lighting industry has a long way to go.

with progress of technology and market demand, industry development in 2016 will continue in 2015 growth of LED lighting will replace to the workshop by on-demand lighting and lighting move beyond. In 13th Five-Year, “ ”, “ ”, The Belt and Road China manufacturing 2025 and “ Internet +” policy, in 2016 China's semiconductor lighting industry will continue to move towards intelligence, information, quality and standardization, the direction of the development of

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