Price war is not the way to win, the integration of channel resources is the key
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After 2008-2012 years of promotion, 2012-2015 years after the outbreak, LED lighting is now entering a relatively mature period, although prices fell slightly, but the limited space for decline. In 2016, many large enterprises (domestic and international line) the balance between brand and price, and many small and medium enterprises have to fight for the price point of head broken and bleeding.

at present, another industry such as PHILPS comprehensive status in very little possibility of giant, diversified channels and flat, weigh the market, technology, capital and talent such as pressure, the vast majority of domestic lighting manufacturers are good at farming in their market segments, while the front is too long many companies run into quagmire. Through precise positioning, enterprises find their own position in the industry chain, through the expansion of financing channels, and thus provide protection for multi-channel diversification and even late operation.


1], implementation plan clear its position in the industrial chain

many enterprises now the problem is not in doing what little things, but did not do the thing. Operating enterprises is to control risk, the first is cash flow, and the second is profit. LED crazy era, many entrepreneurs are enterprises to expand production capacity become dizzy with success, and expand the category of rush on like a swarm of hornets, sprint, channel. However, there is a slight change in the market under the circumstances, and the allocation of resources can not keep up with the collapse of the enterprises. Therefore, the small and medium-sized enterprises to Zoupian Jian Feng, professional segments, clear its position in the whole industry chain, strengthen cooperation within the industry.

2, activate capital, expand financing channels.

LED workshop lamp market is growing rapidly, and the number of enterprises from the original more than 10000 domestic violence increased to more than 25000, all of a sudden go. Due to shortage of funds, listed enterprises become a topic of concern, to the small board, the gem, as the new board, the new four board have become the choice of enterprises keen. Listing is a hard and long road. With the rise of capital operation, it is a feasible way for enterprises to make public by means of listed companies.

3, expansion and integration, multi-channel.

in flat channels and the trend of diversification, the traditional single channel by wholesale or retail dealers to survive, which forced manufacturers to realize their own business diversification. Vendors can expand the electricity supplier channels, designer channels, real estate channels, hardware channels, etc., to achieve the business of “ open source ”.

4, embrace the Internet, online and offline linkage.

traditional channels and new channels are different in length. For the line, how to attract tourists, gathered popularity has become traditional channels must be faced with the problem, on the line, how to overcome the disadvantage of low degree of product experience, but also the new channel development roadblocks. Under the Internet era, many enterprises are actively seeking ways to maximize the combination of traditional channels and emerging channels.

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