LED industrial lighting partial lighting and general lighting difference
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A local illuminator is a luminaire that increases the illuminance of a work area. The utility model can strengthen and supplement illumination on the basis of general illumination, or can be used as temporary lighting in places where lighting is not needed at ordinary times (such as equipment maintenance and maintenance). Most of their light distribution is not strictly defined. Local lights are usually located near the work area, using incandescent lamps and halogen tungsten lamps as light sources to use safe, ultra low voltage (&le, 50V, AC RMS). A (mobile) line lamp, hanging lamp, table lamp, lamp, machine work. In some tall buildings, the light is sometimes used as part of the illumination. According to the

mining lamp light source can be divided into the traditional light source (such as industrial and mining lamp sodium lamp mercury lamp lamp, lamp and other industrial and mining lamps) LED. Compared with the traditional lamp LED lamp has great advantages:

LED mining lamp high CRI RA>70

LED mining lamp has high efficiency, energy saving, equivalent to 100W LED mining lamp can be replaced by the traditional 250W mining lamp.

traditional light source has the disadvantages of high temperature lamp, lamp temperature up to 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, the lamp temperature is low, more secure.

LED mining lamp in continuous innovation, the design of radiator fin type radiator new mining lamp more reasonable, greatly reducing the weight of the lamp, so that the overall weight of 80WLED mining lamp falling below 4KG, and can perfectly solve the heat problem 80-300WLED mining lamp.

general lighting usually are evenly arranged in the above or the side wall of the work site, the whole face lighting, fluorescent lamps require the use of larger power incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, high intensity discharge lamp or number. The vast majority of industrial and mining lights are of this kind. The general illumination lamp has the higher request to the light distribution, widely uses the direct illumination type and the semi direct illumination type two kinds of light distribution, especially latter. A part of the semi - direct illumination illuminates the ceiling, increasing the brightness of the ceiling and creating a more comfortable and brighter environment.

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