LED lighting products, "cost-effective" is a good resource
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In many lighting exhibitions, China's LED factory lights enterprises show very dynamic and excellent. Domestic LED enterprise team grows, become a new force that can not be ignored, gallop the world lighting field. More and more advantages in the international community. It is understood that, at this year's Frankfurt exhibition, China's LED enterprises in LED lighting products, or accessories and other fields have a very favorable position, with “ cost-effective ” walk in the international front.

especially in the last year the twentieth session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, PHILPS, OSRAM, GE and other international lighting giants have absence, caused great concern in the industry. And cause this kind of rare situation, because “ of LED product is cost-effective ”. At present, the domestic LED lamp manufacturers in the continuous progress of LED technology, with the support of the government policy, economies of scale and other advantages, at a lower cost to seize the market share of international lighting giants. Some people think that

LED enterprise China mainland products is very obvious advantages, there are three main reasons, first, the manufacturing technology based on China; second, Guangdong enterprises and products supply capacity in Guangdong, any one country can match; third, the characteristics of China products are known for their good price, so the competitive advantage is obvious.

is so LED lamp manufacturers took advantage of the strategic position in the development process, make LED lighting products in the international and domestic market share amount is large, however, although the price is not based solely on the long-term, more in the field of patent and technology investment effort, in order to enter the international high-end market. Has the advantage of competition in the international.

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