LED industrial and mining lamps procurement notes
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LED mining lamp purchasing note:

LED mining lamp widely used in workshop, toll stations, and other large open areas, so the use of large quantities of correct purchasing outstanding LED mining lamp, will save considerable money.

in the procurement of light source, should carefully study on lighting places, to determine how much power the LED mining lamp, lighting effects to the direct marketing, the brightness is too strong and too weak, will affect the user experience! If the top lighting is relatively high, generally use the single high power LED as a light source, such as without ghosting, and pure colors, light is also small!

must also supply on lighting places can provide, so that you can decide whether the controller of constant voltage and constant current, avoid because of rectifiers with noise and power grid, the light intensity is not stable, will not cause eye fatigue.

of LED mining lamp itself also should pay attention to, the use of Aluminum Alloy materials, the structure of heat must comply with the specification of LED, ensure the service life of the light source, the LED mining lamp shell, to choose strong environmental protection, high heat resistance material! While observing the aperture, excellent LED downlight, spot distribution.

appearance, choose to blend with the environment lighting, using special treatment process, the innovative and creative appearance, will bring a comfortable mood for lighting places.

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