Why is LED semi automation more popular than full automation?
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Relying on a huge demographic dividend, China has become the world's largest manufacturing base for LED. However, as the population bonus continues to disappear, our country should continue to maintain this scale manufacturing advantages, it is necessary to carry out industrial upgrading, from artificial manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, production processes to achieve highly automated.

throughout the LED industry chain, is not difficult to find that the degree of automation in the middle reaches of the chip and package is relatively high, while the downstream LED lamp assembly automation is relatively weak. As the price of LED workshop lamp is becoming more and more popular, and the scale efficiency is more and more obvious, the cost of human resource is higher and higher, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are overwhelmed. For a time, the automatic production line has become the focus of attention of major manufacturers. In theory, full automation can significantly reduce labor costs, and become large-scale life-saving straw. But in fact, because the cost of equipment investment, LED lighting technology is changing too fast, leading to automatic lighting market is always in “ small talk ” dilemma: active layout of equipment enterprises, but lighting manufacturers introduced full of worries.

automation or scale

as decompression of LED lighting products manufacturing country, China to cost advantage and the complete supply chain, accounted for 21% of global market share. Among them, large-scale production is the magic weapon for domestic LED lighting enterprises.

scale that requires a lot of labor. But with the price of LED lighting and diminished, artificial cost brings considerable burden to the enterprise net profit, and the whole market slump, resulting in corporate profits plummeted, the survival of a sharp rise in pressure.

industry believes that the automatic production line can not only effectively reduce personnel costs, ensure product quality, regulate the industry quality, increasing production capacity, can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and enhance the overall level of manufacturing industry. With a LED lamp automatic production line as an example, only 3 operators. In the traditional LED lamp assembly process, there are various parts of the power supply assembly kit, welding and packaging 20 procedures, a total of 27 workers, labor cost savings of nearly 90%, and the yield reached more than 98%. In addition

, automated production equipment to replace manual, not only can reduce the impact of human factors and improve the product pass rate, to ensure product quality, enhance the competitiveness of products, but also can speed up the processing speed, improve accuracy and reliability, reach the warehouse area and the effective use of space, to reduce the comprehensive cost.

equipment enterprises to actively layout

since last year, an intelligent equipment replacement of labor input “ machine replaced the ” boom, is sweeping the Guangdong manufacturing industry developed areas, speed up the Pearl River Delta region “ machine substitution ” pace, but also promote the automation process of LED lighting industry. According to the relevant data show that in 2014 China LED lighting automation production accounted for less than 5%, automated production accounted for 2017 is expected to exceed 30%, equipment market scale will also be in 2014 less than 100 million yuan, 600 million yuan rose to 2017 or so. Insiders said that although the full automation is the future trend of development, but at this stage into the field of enterprises are still in the early stage of investment. As the return on investment cycle is longer, the automated production line is still at the trial stage, the market has not yet been up, there is no strong financial strength of enterprises simply dare not rush into.

semi automation is more popular

face equipment enterprises enthusiasm, lighting enterprises did not move. LED lighting in the domestic production, introduction of automatic production line of business is not much, only Linsen, OPPLE lighting, leedarson, Yankon, tospo and other more than 10 well-known LED lighting company, and the number is still quite limited. At this stage, the technology is in a relatively mature stage, each has formed its own process system. As the back-end automation investment is very large, everyone is in wait-and-see state, see how the industry heavyweights do?. There is no doubt that the introduction of fully automated production lines, the early stage requires huge cost inputs. The rate of return on input and output has become the most important issue before the introduction of fully automated production lines for LED lighting enterprises. In the automation equipment input, a year back to this, the customer is more willing; half year back to this, the customer is tolerable; two years can not recover the cost, the customer is generally not considered.

full automation equipment is difficult to change, and now the application of technology for end big change. In the case of this contradiction, the man-machine combination of semi automation equipment is more flexible and more suitable for the current LED lighting enterprises. In the era of LED lighting is not spell inventory, production capacity up to consider whether sales can keep up with. In view of customized and personalized market demand, semi-automatic or current lighting enterprises more insurance options.

now, high quality and high efficiency lighting automatic production line of about 4 million yuan /, while the man-machine mixing line of about 1 million 500 thousand yuan / bar. As far as the domestic market is concerned, 20% enterprises will use automatic production lines, and another 80% will use the man-machine mixed line. On the one hand, we should do semi automation equipment to meet the market demand; on the other hand, we should study the structure of lighting fixtures, and we hope to do some general kits that can meet the needs of fully automated production.

lighting at the same time, downstream enterprises hope to compatible, but at this stage of automation equipment, unless the material processing products are very similar, otherwise it is difficult to achieve compatibility. It is very important to develop with the customer to make it more convenient to use the automation equipment. Nowadays, most customers prefer to start from the product stage, and the real automation is to develop automation equipment from the product research and development stage, material and process structure.

obviously, the best time is not LED lighting automatic production line cut, full automation to completely spread still need some time. With the LED lighting market further concentrated and market share controlled by a few enterprises, the spring of automatic production line is coming.

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