Led industrial and mining lamps broken, how to repair?
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The lighting used in workshop in general metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp (also known as energy-saving lamps) and LED energy-saving lamp, then, so many kinds of lamps in the bad, not bright, how to make the maintenance and replacement of the lowest cost? Here is mainly talking about the large factory use LED mining lamp bad treatment, because other types of lamps is not the mainstream, gradually replaced by LED, LED can be replaced according to the following methods.

try to understand the various types of lamps, in fact, used in the workshop are basically the same in appearance, is “ ” big horn shaped, as shown below: the light source

ordinary mining lamp inside: metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, light source

picture is as follows: in fact, ordinary mining lamp is inside is not the same, can see below, if the metal halide lamp, the workshop of the high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp is broken, the light source can be changed directly inside, to replace the rectifier with the power of the power through the lamp, of course, can also be replaced with more energy-efficient high-power LED lighting, the high-power LED lamp. The general interface is E27 or E40, can be directly replaced by the banner of photovoltaic production of high-power LED lamp.

note that LED bulbs are built-in power supply, replace other lamps need to be removed directly connected to AC220V power rectifier.

well, now talk about the LED mining lamp, LED mining lamp small power SMD and high power integrated light source type, and the bulb type, as shown below:

so they are bad, how to do?

patch type, small power high power integrated light source type

from the figure can be seen small power SMD and high power integrated light source type LED lamp structure is the same, generally by the mining lamp shell (radiator), power supply, LED light source (lamp), lens, general bad performance: the lamp does not light, light for a while after the micro light, light flashing etc.. In fact, the main bad in power supply and light source:

LED mining lamp broken roughly:

1). Bad light lamps in the assembly process; not perfect, and the body is not good contact beads, uneven thermal paste coating. If the lamp itself quality is poor, the lighting time is long will burn.

2) the power supply is bad; the power problem causes some manufacturers to chase the product low price, use the inferior power source, the product quality is not qualified, used for a long time will appear the burning lamp, the lamp flash or the light, after a while micro bright.

treatment methods: the patch type can replace the whole lamp board, high-power integrated type light source for the whole, the need to pay attention to the heat conduction is a must do. If the power is out of order, you can only change it directly. If the power source causes the light not to work, the best light source will be replaced.

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