Over the next 3 years, LED fluorescent tubes will replace fluorescent lamps
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LED fluorescent tube has a long service life, and a carefully designed LED fluorescent lamp can last 50 thousand hours. A fluorescent lamp usually has only 5000 hours of life (some domestic fluorescent lamps live only 300 hours). The difference between the two is nearly 10 times. The best long-life fluorescent lamp is only 10000 hours, and the two are also 5 times difference. The power supply efficiency of the lamps of the LED workshop is high, because all lamps and lanterns need special power supply except the incandescent lamp, and the efficiency of the power supply influences the efficiency of the whole lamp. The luminous efficiency of

LED fluorescent lamp with high luminous efficiency, and a fluorescent lamp is about 55-80lm/W, and the luminous efficiency of LED was more than 100lm/W, the luminous efficiency of Cree's recent XLampXP-G has been to 130 lumens of /W, and it will continue to improve. The difference between the two is now nearly double, and later may reach more than 3 times. And the efficiency of LED lamps is high, the efficiency of lamps mainly refers to the effective light effect, because the fluorescent lamp is 360 degrees light emitting, and the light in the opposite direction is useless. It usually adopts a white fluorescent lamp shade can reverse light reflection

a considerable part of the back, in general, luminaire efficiency fluorescent lamp is about 70%. The LED fluorescent light is 120 degrees, so all the light is active light. Although sometimes I feel the 120 degree light is a little narrow, but in most cases it is enough. And this light angle can also be adjusted according to need. And LED's luminous efficiency has exceeded 130lm/W, assuming 100lm/W, then as long as the 18W can reach 1800 lumens, that is, as long as half of the power of fluorescent lights can have the same brightness. And the luminous efficiency of LED is increasing year by year. The power supply efficiency of LED lamps is high, because all lamps and lanterns need special power supply besides incandescent lamp. The efficiency of the power supply affects the efficiency of the whole lamp.

water, which is not up to the standard of drinking. The LED fluorescent lamp does not contain any toxic substances, is a completely green, pollution-free light source.

LED lighting color temperature range, can provide almost any color, but can also provide that any kind of color red green and blue light. The color index of LED is high, the color index of incandescent lamp is 95, the fluorescent lamp is 65-80, and the LED fluorescent lamp can be >80. No UV radiation. LED lamps for non glass products, not easy to break, shock resistance, vibration resistance. The LED fluorescent lamp with an external isolating power supply can not reach the high-voltage power supply at both ends of the lamp tube, only the direct voltage safety voltage is lower than 36V, and the danger of electric shock is not existed, and is a safe lamp completely. Compared with fluorescent lamps, about half of the electricity can be saved, that is to say, using a 18 watt LED fluorescent lamp can replace a 36 watt fluorescent lamp.

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