India Delhi Metro wants full replacement of LED lights
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According to reports, India Delhi Metro Limited (DMRC) plans to train stations, bus stations and residential areas all lamps and lanterns are fully replaced with LED workshop lights. After the replacement programme is completed, it is expected to save at least 40% of the energy consumption of the subway. The

company recently signed a two memorandum of understanding (MoU), aimed at the global subway LED lights, making full use of green building certification standard.

according to a metro official said: “ first LED lighting is a memorandum of understanding with energy efficiency Services Limited (EnergyEfficiencyServicesLtd) signed. Under the agreement, the two sides will be installed in all subway stations, bus stations and residential LED energy-saving lamps. Not only will it save 40% of energy, but it will save almost 70 million rupees a year. ”'s second Mou was signed by the Delhi Metro and the American Green Building Council (USGBC), a green business certification firm (GBCI, an international green building certification agency). The Mou aims to jointly develop green building certification standards for India and global Metro stations.

according to the agreement, the Delhi Metro and GBCI will work together to the India subway station and train station and even the global green building certification standard formulation. The “ is part of the Delhi Metro's ongoing efforts to develop eco-friendly infrastructure, the official said. All subway stations will develop into green buildings in the third phase, and the third phase of the parking lot will be fully replaced with LED lights. ”

in addition, all subway stations from Badal Poole (Badarpur) to the EscortsMujesar corridor, as well as the recently opened Janpath, MandiHouse and ITO stations, have received platinum green construction ratings. In solar power, the metro station actually leads by 2.8 megawatts of capacity.

“ our goal is to generate up to 20 megawatts of electricity by solar energy by the end of 2016. The opening of the third phase of the network will provide us with the opportunity to break through this goal, ”, the official said.

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