LED "bean curd dregs" product flooding, vicious competition under the LED industry can be accepted?
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With the rapid development of white light LED workshop lamp technology, LED lighting applications have gradually shifted from “ lighting engineering, auxiliary lighting ” to “ indoor commercial lighting, ” and “ home lighting ”. Even so, but LED lamps to be widely accepted by the market, but also need to experience a period of price competition. And the vicious competition of price, make a lot of people ignored the quality of LED lamps and lanterns product however.

at present, many enterprises in order to occupy the LED lighting market early, expand product shipments, and not in the guaranteed cost is reduced while the quality of products, but the product design for “ optimization optimization and optimization of ”, the most basic reliability of LED products regardless of. “ is not the cheapest, only cheaper ”, they sacrifice product quality, shorten product life, to create a LED“ bean curd slag ” products. This

to consumers irresponsible behavior, is hateful to the entire market, it is sad for the enterprise. Such enterprises may earn a lot of money in the early stage of development, but from the long-term development perspective, rely on such products based, not only to establish their own brand, but will become synonymous with “ inferior products ”. LED lamps and lanterns want to be widely used in all walks of life, become the real energy-saving products, in addition to price cuts, but also must guarantee its quality, otherwise it will lose the existence and development value of LED lamps and lanterns. The

LED lamps do not reduce costs? Of course not! Any consumer goods to the long-term steady development, cost reduction is necessary, inevitable. However, the price of LED lamps should be within a reasonable range, and in accordance with the law of development, we can not sacrifice the product quality in order to reduce costs.

many people have this misunderstanding, that the traditional fluorescent lamps and LED lamps are now known as “ ” energy saving lamp, so the price should be like a LED lamp fluorescent lamp. Such understanding is one-sided and unreasonable, and we should recognize and compare their prices and values from the life cycle of the two products. Fluorescent lamps are definitely more advanced lighting than incandescent light bulbs, instead of incandescent ones. Lighting fluorescent lamp with high luminous flux, longer life and better, but the price of fluorescent lamp and not with the progress of manufacture technology and to the level of the incandescent lamp, rather than incandescent lamp prices several times higher, but now the fluorescent lamp has been widely accepted by the market. Similarly, LED lamps, which are more advanced than fluorescent lamps, will also follow this development. In fact,

, with LED packaging technology, drive technology, cooling technology and other aspects of the improvement and perfection, at present, the price of LED lighting has been greatly lowered. But it is still not possible to reduce the price to the price of traditional energy-saving lamps.

in different times have different consumption concept. Now the main domestic consumer groups are constantly changing, the level of consumption and consumer attitudes are changing, they are more willing to choose the technology and price higher content of the product, rather than the price for the choice of leading products. Just as iPhone mobile phones are expensive, but they sell very well; before, Shanzhai mobile phones staged a brief madness, but now they are heading for extinction. Thus, the ability to survive is often good quality, cost-effective products and brands. With the development of the market, price is no longer the only factor that decides the sale of products. So

, LED lighting products should be how to develop to be widely accepted? This problem requires enterprises and consumers together to think about and work. Enterprises in the R & D products, we must fully understand the needs and minds of consumers. Consumers must also be more rational and more objective choice of product consumption, more accurate feedback to the enterprise. Enterprises readjust their products according to the feedback from consumers and develop products with higher performance price ratio.

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