Analysis and suggestion on safety performance of LED lamp tube products
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LED workshop lamp manufacturers: LED lamp product safety performance analysis and suggestions

core tip: the LED lamp product quality supervision in China, LED lamp products lack of national or industry standards, product quality safety monitoring is basically in the blank.

used to replace double end fluorescent lamp and G13 lamp using the G5 LED self ballasted lamps, market demand, but the current LED lamp products lack of national or industry standards, nor international of safety standards, technical standards for safety requirements has not officially released, production enterprises at a loss, unable to control product quality at the same time, but also to bring security risks when consumers use products. Exports to the European LED lights, the international major inspection standards are not the same, can be divided into two categories: the first category is

requirements LED tube lights must comply with the relevant standards in all or part of the terms, specific requirements include: safety standard IEC60598-1, self ballasted LED lamp, IEC62560 lamp standard safety standards IEC60061, light control device of standard IEC61347-2-13, LED module IEC62031 safety standard, double end fluorescent lamp safety standard IEC61195.

second kind of direct references to the draft IEC62776, the standard is 2012 April obtained by the TC34/SC34A group discussion, based on the standard file: 34A/1636/DC, now at the draft stage, scheduled for release in October 2014. Exports to the United States LED lights, UL by UL1993, UL8750 and ULSubject1598C-SupplementSA. test project is divided into: shell, lamp size, LED drive circuit, the creepage distance and clearance, the LED light source projects.

Japan JEL801-2010 standard is only applicable to general lighting with L type (GX16.5) lamp DC drive (driving power external) straight tube type LED lamp, this type of products to avoid the safety problems of exchange application and ordinary fluorescent lamp lamp could lead to. Safety test items mainly include: lamp replacement, mechanical strength, torque, temperature rise, lamp cap lamp creepage distance and clearance, protection against electric shock, insulation resistance and electric strength, heat resistance and flame resistance etc.. Product quality monitoring results, the

LED lamp in 2013, the national quality inspection administration carried out the country risk monitoring work safety performance of LED lamp products.

(1) lamp replacement — — G5 or G13 lamp replacement of the test project the main reason is the failure of the maximum and minimum size of large cap screw thread size does not meet the requirements of standard lamp. The unqualified main performance is: the pin spacing does not conform to, cannot insert the gauge, the lead diameter is too small, the pin length is too long.

(2) protection against accidental contact with live parts.

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