"Internet plus" era of LED lighting companies still need artisan spirit
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In recent years, the Internet and e-commerce have developed rapidly, and many post 80s and post 90s shopping are basically online. The Internet has quietly changed our way of life. It is a new channel and a new way of thinking and business models.

for LED lighting manufacturers, we should make good use of this tool on the Internet, but don't mess with, not too the myth of the internet.

today, we talk about the Internet and electronic commerce, is not to say that the Internet can replace the dealer. LED industrial and mining lights, in view of the characteristics of the lighting industry, O2O will be a major trend of future development (although O2O is still not in place in the industry). In addition, the lamp bulb and the lamp can be installed outside their own consumer products, most of the lamps are in need of professional design, installation and support services, the Internet can only solve a small part of the problem, there is still a need to perform to ground troops, many of the specific work of service. And in the process of marketing and service, the Internet can in turn help dealers to carry out more detailed work, data collection and management of the channel network coverage, customer information, and analysis and precision marketing based on large data. If the dealer's distribution network is compared to a network, then the finer the net weave, the greater the value of the dealer.

for manufacturers, +” in the “ Internet era, no matter how the marketing concept of flowers is blurred, light, the most fundamental is the product designed to do, do fine, in fact, is often said to have “ artisan spirit of ”, and this is also the most lacking in this era. The Internet is just a carrier, it carries the products, and manufacturers need to bring profits and value to dealers and users in the form of innovation. Although price competition, cost competition is also a way to survive competition, but in the end we will find that value-added products and innovative ability to hit the customer's real pain point.

therefore, in the mobile Internet business environment, we should enthusiastically embrace high-tech and new things, but also need attitude and patience, “ ” and “ ” for fine dealers so, manufacturers are also so.

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