Some points to be paid attention to when purchasing workshops, workshops, lighting, factories and mines
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Core tip: when purchasing LED mining lamp, if you first see the LED mining lamp price, or the price in the first place you are completely mistaken, because the price is the most sensitive about the most personal thoughts.

manufacturers are now all walks of life including intermediary traders in dragons and fishes jumbled together, therefore, leading to confusion in the market, the price of clutter, quality uneven in quality. The author's more than 10 years of experience on the market analysis: general customers encountered; there are low prices, dare not buy, the price is high, ruthless, buy, sellers follow tight, can not easily buy, more than manufacturers, the more do not know how to buy. The main reason for this is because we do not know what should be paid attention to when purchasing LED lamps.

: first quality LED mining lamp is configured. First, LED mining lamp chip with what brand of imported brands, high light efficiency, long life, small decline, stability. Secondly, look at the power supply, poor quality power supply is basically insufficient power, that is, you take 100W lamps, in fact, 40-50w, which will affect the life of lamps and lanterns. And then look at the shell material, and purity of lamps prices also depends on the selection of imported aluminum, aluminum, aluminum heat sink, use more naturally, only with the material reality, in order to ensure the radiating effect of the lamp. Moreover, the electric box of lamps and lanterns should choose pure aluminium, and the heat dissipation of some cast-iron is not good. Second: with the supplier about the company

. Talk to each other to see if the supplier is professional, so as to ensure the authenticity of each accessory and not to cut corners. Some small companies, low allocation, low prices, LED industrial and mining lights sold to you, spent a few months, lamps broken, you go to them when some companies have closed down, or change a company name, continue to deceive consumers.

third: talk about the price with suppliers. Ask the supplier's price system instead of the specific product price so that you can clearly understand the space of the price so that you can see how much the price of the product you need. And then put forward the product, to inform the product demand, the quotation is the supplier of things, talk about so much, suppliers can only reasonable offer.

fourth: timely order. After the deal don't hesitate to quickly, because such vendors will respond quickly to you; if you slowly purchase orders, the supplier will slowly give you delivery, LED mining lamp production are produced by the delivery. The supplier will certainly have a lot of customers, suppliers, processing orders is according to the order of things according to the rhythm of rational arrangement, so you can quickly suppliers quickly! At the same time, you have already chosen the products and suppliers, a supplier you hesitate, potential adversaries will do everything possible to break your orders and purchase agreement, a variety of methods to lure you in the next single, finally will only cause you to miss the best time to buy, you may have to spend the whole process time to find new suppliers, and generally can not find the same good, let you satisfied with the LED mining lamp supplier, because when we are looking for a supplier you have been in a passive position.

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