LED lighting products pass rate of 51%, it is difficult for consumers to identify quality
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LED workshop lamp LED lighting products pass rate of 51% of consumers are difficult to identify the quality of

energy-saving emission reduction, has been advocating national direction, in Home Furnishing products, this concept is also in recent years is the rise of It is often seen., a LED energy boom. But by the end of 2012, the State Bureau of quality supervision, the national quality inspection administration, Industrial and Commercial Bureau checks across the LED lighting products, energy-saving lamps, road lighting, fire emergency lighting and electrical light source. The results show that LED lighting products pass rate is only 51%. In order to understand the current situation of Chengdu

lamps on the market of LED lighting products, the reporter walked into the city of Chengdu a few professional lighting market and Home Furnishing stores. Where

price differences in

tell reporters to the identity of consumers in the market to go in a circle, each basic businesses have different brands of LED lighting products sales, price differences between different products. Take 4 watt LED spot lamp as an example, the price ranges from 15 yuan to 100 yuan. Guangdong small factory production price basically around 15-40 yuan, domestic famous brand price is about 70 yuan, and foreign brands such as PHILPS, OSRAM and so on the price more than 100 yuan.

reporter asked why the price difference to businesses so large, businesses simply said “ quality is not the same ”. A businessman took out a 15 yuan and a 30 yuan LED spot light, demonstrates to the reporter. After the power, merchants pointing to one of them said: “ lights to be bright, a lot of this, the quality must be better.. ” and other businesses, the same phenomenon, businesses have pointed to the darker LED lamp: “ light is soft, better quality obviously “, and that the light after half a year will become very dark, not up to the lighting needs of … …

two completely different businesses the reporter said, confused. As for the service life of the product, lighting market businesses are promoting “ use of time in 10 thousand hours, family life should be ” in more than 8 years, but correspondingly, the warranty period is generally only 1-2 years, so to say, life seems to be a concept of “ theory ”.

quality of ordinary consumers are difficult to identify

with many doubts LED lighting products, the reporter interviewed many years engaged in LED product sales, mr.. He told reporters, from the actual use of the point of view, LED lamp quality can be from the color temperature, power, life to evaluate. LED lamp for some showcase require relatively high color temperature, to ensure that the LED light irradiation, the color does not appear to exhibit distortion, and the family is more important to power and service life, and these indicators, only with professional instruments can be measured only by comparison, the average consumer is difficult to identify products the quality of the. “LED market is so chaotic, sometimes we can't figure out which is good or which is inferior. Manufacturers have their own saying, our dealers can only drift along and make a little money. ”, said Mr. Rowe reluctantly. Indeed, from the current market situation, LED lighting products price confusion and product quality cohabitation, has become the biggest factor hindering consumer choice.

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