Teach you the correct choice of LED lamps tips
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When the LED lamp factory teach you the correct selection of LED lamp

tips consumers in the procurement of LED lighting, it is necessary to know the parameters of some commodities such as: LED lighting brightness, wavelength, color temperature etc., to distinguish between good and bad norms. The following Xiaobian for the broad masses of consumers to explain the common parameters of LED lighting products, tell you how to choose LED lighting products.

1, the brightness of the

LED lamp brightness: brightness L

: luminous flux in the specific direction of unit solid angle per unit area. Unit: Nituo (cd/ m).

flux: φ total luminous light body per second announced by the. Unit: lumen (Lm), which indicates how much light the luminous body emits. The more luminous, the greater the lumen number.

: the greater the number of lumens of luminous flux, the more the higher the brightness of the lights.

2, common LED wavelength

wavelength, common color. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrophotometer to produce pure color goods.

3, color temperature

color temperature is a measure of identification lights of color, it is indicated that K value. Yellow light is “3300k below ”, white light is more than “5300k ”, and there is a middle color “3300k-5300k”. Customers can choose the light source of suitable color temperature according to their favorite, environment and lighting effect and atmosphere.


LED is a one-way conductive leakage current of the luminous body, if the reverse current is called leakage, the leakage current of LED, life is short.

5, antistatic ability

antistatic ability of LED, the number of long life, so the price is higher. General antistatic LED than 700V can be used for LED lighting (decorative lighting renderings).

6, life is not the same

quality is the key to life, life by decay resolution. A small decline, long life.


planning of each commodity are not the same as planning, not the same for different use planning, reliability planning LED lighting including: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use time etc..

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