LED indoor lighting has a bright future
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Many people know that LED lamps are energy-saving and environmental friendly. This characteristic makes it play a more and more important role in indoor lighting. With the gradual maturity of LED indoor lamps and the vigorous promotion of the Chinese government, the trend of LED lamps replacing traditional incandescent and fluorescent light sources is more obvious. As the main

indoor lighting lamps, must have two characteristics, the first to be safe, energy saving second to third, to pleasure. In people's daily life, light is not only to make people see the existence of objects, but also to express the spatial form and create the atmosphere of the environment. The function of light is very important to the visual function of human. Therefore, interior lighting design should not only pay attention to the lighting effect of space, but also be beneficial to people's health and safety and comfortable life. The LED lamp is used in indoor lighting is the main indoor lamp with a multitude of names, LED panel lights, LED intelligent lights, LED ceiling lamps, LED bulb lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED indoor lighting direction, is mainly used in some places of entertainment, commercial lighting, Home Furnishing lighting, public lighting, such as underground parking lot star hotel, corridor etc..

consumer demand is changing, to meet consumer requirements, LED will continue to introduce new products. With the continuous progress of modern lighting technology, extensive use of new materials, new technology, new technology, and in-depth study of people of various lighting principle and the application environment, breaking the traditional concept of simple lighting, lighting environment, greatly enriched the modern lighting control environment and beautify the Ming expressive means. Through the brightness of lighting, light distribution requirements, lighting function, structure design, the lamp in order to meet the practical needs and maximize the effectiveness of light under the lamp, pay more attention to the appearance of decorative aesthetic effect. At present

indoor lighting is mainly used in four areas: residential lighting, office lighting, commercial lighting and public places of various space lighting requirements are different, the color temperature, luminance, uniformity, color, glare, maintenance factor has different requirements. With the promotion of LED light efficiency and the reduction of prices, who first developed serialized products, who would seize the market opportunities. The development of modern society has formed a personalized style too much, choose more and more, which company's products more suitable for individuals, more suitable for life and the situation required, coupled with the appropriate marketing strategy, will occupy the mainstream consumer market.

lamp cost has been changed, a new industrial development to the application takes a long time to mature, the cost of the chip, package cost, manufacturing cost, lamps were significantly high, the future will certainly have a professional talent and technology to solve this problem. For example, the stability of color rendering and color temperature, the automated assembly line and so on. At present

LED lighting has also begun to enter the field of general lighting. According to the national development plan for LED indoor lighting, in recent years, the main push general lighting, that is, ordinary household lighting. Although the mainstream form of LED interior lighting products, LED into general lighting has a long way to go, but the prospects for development are considerable.

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